Aaron Moses - Arakan Martial Art Instructor

Aaron Moses

Senior Instructor

In 2014, Aaron was referred to Arakan by a friend and attended his first lesson. He feel in love with it immediately and continued training consistently ever since. He knew that he wanted to be able to share this amazing art with others and commitment to training every week.

His dedication and commitment to Arakan is evident with his strong training ethic. Aaron takes great pride in his training and is very grateful that he gets to learn, train and teach Arakan every day. His gratitude extends to his students and the Club for their passion, inspiration and support, which all lend towards an amazing community.

Becoming an Instructor has enabled Aaron to have a career that he loves and be able to train and teach daily. He is a lively, passionate Instructor who loves sharing Arakan with everyone. He enjoys bringing a fitness element to his training, demonstrating how fit and conditioned one can be through training Arakan Martial Art. His students love training with him, sharing his passion and commitment for this amazing art.

Aaron's passion is teaching his students fast and effective street self defence techniques and helping his students develop greater awareness, confidence and become more empowered. He is always learning and growing, physically, emotionally and mentally and he instills this philosophy into his teaching and students.

Aaron believes his greatest Arakan achievements to date are grading his Yellow Belt, enabling him to live the life of his dreams as an Arakan Instructor. He enjoys inspiring his students to be better each day through training Arakan.

His passions outside of Arakan are motorbikes, cars, sports, fitness and health, cooking and eating clean.



Student Testimonials

Arakan's emphasis on fluidity and core strength makes it an extremely effective art. Not only has Arakan made me physically fitter and healthier, it has also sharpened by mental toughness and ability to perform under pressure. The lessons learnt in training are applicable beyond the art, and I have found it has made me more effective in the workplace. My instructor Aaron has taught me the value of discipline and commitment and is a fantastic instructor and mentor! Highly recommend to anyone interested.

James Tsaousidis

I've been training one on one with Senior Instructor Aaron Moses for only a couple of months and i already feel my fitness improving and I'm more confident in myself. Aaron has taught me different techniques I can use to defend myself in real life realistic situations. I feel it is important to have the knowledge and ability to protect myself if need be. Aaron is friendly, professional, encouraging, positive, patient and extremely passionate about Arakan. I love training with him and I look forward to every session. He always has something new and exciting to teach me and I leave every session feeling great about myself and what I have learnt. Highly recommended to anyone looking to work on their fitness, confidence or self defence. You cannot afford to not give Arakan a try. It will challenge you, change you, make you more aware of your surroundings and confident in your ability to protect yourself and your loved ones. Thank you 

Gamze Sahin

Aaron inspires and supports others to become more positive and confident, and strive to be the best version of themselves. He responds to feedback very positively and is continually striving to be the best version of himself also.

Bianca Brunozzi

I cant express my recommendation and gratitude enough for Aarons instruction and training over the years. Nothing is ever too difficult for Aaron and he always goes above and beyond and pushes me to train hard to reach my goals.

Gus Gilkeson

Aaron is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is passionate and enthusiastic about teaching Arakan to each and every student he works with at every level. Aaron does not discriminate and works with me when I am at peak fitness or during times I am carrying an injury. My willingness to continue working with Aaron as I strive to improve and continue on my Arakan journey in the future is what I enjoy most. The art of Arakan is incredible. The Arakan community is very inviting and it reflects on Aarons ability and attitude to make me and everyone feel comfortable every time. Aaron has started introducing in his group classes real life situations where we are often placed under pressure and are forced to defend ourselves in a way where we can start to trust Arakan to get us out of potential situations. I love it!!

George Dapas

I first heard about Arakan 10 years ago and wanted to get into it but never made the jump. I was worried I wasn't technical enough, I had heaps of anxiety around trying new things, hated egos in other martial arts I tried, judgmental people, etc. I never had that feeling with Arakan. When I first met Aaron Moses, for my complimentary lesson, all my nerves and worries went out the window. He immediately understood what I was looking for and has been incredibly attentive ever since. Aaron goes above and beyond for his students creating short videos for homework to enhance the learning, maintains contact and a real sense of care to check in to see how you are going during the week. I attended the group sessions and there was a real sense of belonging for me straight away. I came in not knowing anyone and had barely any skill, I was at entry level. Aaron and the other students made me feel like I've known them all for years. I committed to a private lesson and the groups weekly and this has provided me a platform to learn how to properly protect myself. I am a social worker and a private driver/personal security so he creates lesson plans incorporating moves that can easily translate into real life. Aaron is the peak of professionalism and caters perfectly to what ever level you come in at. It’s equally as challenging as it is fun. I’m glad I made the jump to this martial art. Thank you Aaron for being apart of my journey. 

Kaos Ludovic

I highly recommend Aaron he is magnificent instructor he is patient and enthusiastic about arakan and has a deep understanding of the various techniques and skills wish he teaches in a positive and friendly manner
It is a pleasure to train with him 

KC Charlie Stanford



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I’m in Barcelona in Spain at the moment, and was walking back to my hotel at 2am about half an hour ago. It’s known as a city of pickpockets and thieves, but the area where I was seemed ok. As I turned a corner, quite a large guy (well bigger than me) in a hoody came up of out the subway and stood in front of me motioning at my leather jacket. I couldn’t understand what he was saying, but I got the general idea. He tried to grab at me a couple of times, then swung a punch. I bridged his punch with my left hand and stepped straight in and backfisted him directly to his jaw. Josh would have been proud! I know he didn’t understand a word but I actually said the completely badass words “I trained ten years to meet you, is that all you’ve got!” 
He stumbled back and took off running back into the subway. I was not even worried at the time, it was just like all the training but easier. I had no idea how automatic everything would be! My heart wasn’t even beating fast after, I was just annoyed. It wasn’t until I got back to the hotel just now that I realised what actually happened! 
Thank you. I got to keep my leather jacket and out of hospital. 

Steve Gregory


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