Arakan Martial Art

Jamie Thorne


Born: 1992
Student Since: 2012
Instructor Since: April 2016
Biggest Arakan Achievement:
In 2014 I was awarded student of the month in January, being recognised by the club, my instructor & Rob gave me the belief in myself to achieve any goals I set myself no matter how crazy it seemed to others.
Interests outside of Arakan:
I love to ride fast. Motorbikes and Classic cars.
Comments from Instructor:
Make your goals so large, that everybody thinks you're crazy

After starting my Arakan journey late 2016, I feel empowered, more confident and prepared for any situation. Training with Jamie has been amazing! He has been a kind and encouraging teacher, customising private lessons to my situation. I highly recommend training with Jamie as he is highly skilled, knowledgeable and passionate about Arakan and about training his students to be the best they can. I had no prior martial art experience or knowledge and was not really sure how it would go, but it has changed my life for the better.
Ashlee Thornton Smith


Not long before I started training in Arakan Martial Art I was held up in a pharmacy. I realised then that I had absolutely no idea of how to deal with this type of situation. Arakan is helping me to explore and develop another side to myself and I love the fact that if I ever felt threatened I might now have some idea of what to do. Starting Arakan is probably the best decision I have ever made.

Cherie Stace

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Martial Arts for over 40's

Martial arts’ is traditionally seen as something we enrol our children into whilst at school or we participated when we were younger. We all see the benefits of learning a martial art; improved fitness and health, balance, coordination, focus, discipline and agility, as well as learning self defence skills. However, more adults are beginning to see the benefits of training a martial art and beginning their journey as a mature aged student. 

There is no age barrier to training Arakan Martial Art®. We have students as young as 3 years of age and as old as 83 learning Arakan Martial Art®.  READ MORE

Turning your health around with Arakan Martial Art

My journey started when I shared some medical results with my son. I had been diagnosed with cirrhosis of the Liver, ultimately if untreated it would lead to further health complications and diminished quality of life. I asked my doctor what was the cause, I was told it was related to me being over weight (Girth Size). I asked what treatment I needed. I was told "Just lose weight".
I spoke to my family about my condition and what the doctor said. My eldest son , who also does Arakan, said "I have just the thing for you". READ MORE