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Give your child a massive advantage in life, with Arakan Martial Art®

At Arakan Martial Art® we are passionate about empowering children and consider it our pleasure and privilege to be given the opportunity to guide your child towards greater levels of self-awareness, self-confidence, empowerment, discipline and focus as well as practical self-defence skills and techniques

We all want the very best for our children and for them to grow up to be healthy, happy and successful young adults. 

We are here to guide, coach, mentor and teach your child Arakan Martial Art®. It goes well beyond the physical of just learning to kick and strike. By training Arakan Martial Art® your child will learn to:

  • have fun and make new friends
  • become assertive, not aggressive
  • increase situational and environmental awareness
  • learn practical and effective self-defence skills
  • gain self-confidence, empowerment, focus and awareness
  • learn skills and techniques to ensure their safety and wellbeing
  • learn skills to remain calm in heightened situations
  • learn to diffuse and divert a potential situation
  • learn to effectively and efficiently control any situation should it escalate
  • increase health and fitness
  • learn to manage stressful situations
  • improve mental focus and concentration
  • gain a greater understanding of body movement and mechanics
  • improve hand eye coordination and speed
  • increase self-motivation and self-discipline
  • increase team building and motivation
  • increase levels of self-respect and respect for others
  • develop greater levels of patience
  • develop greater levels of discipline
  • become fitter, stronger and healthier
  • develop leadership skills
  • be less likely to bend to peer pressure 
  • have the strength to say ‘NO’ and the courage to say ‘YES’.

Your child will have an opportunity to learn and develop their ‘street smart’ skills and awareness in a nurturing, positive, creative and fun environment. Attributes which will transition into greater areas of their life as they mature into adulthood. 

There is no age barrier to training Arakan Martial Art®. We have students starting as young as three years of age who are still training with us well into their twenties.

For more information on our Junior Program please click here to visit our Arakan for Kids website.

All Instructors hold a Working with Children Suitability Cards for child related employment (Blue Card).


Self-Defence for Children

We all educate our children against potential dangers. We tell them not to speak with strangers, get too close to their car or accept lollies from them. Children however, learn experientially, so unless a child has experienced these encounters, they won’t generally understand the seriousness or repercussions of them - no matter how much we try to tell them. Role playing is an essential part to a child gaining and retaining new skills. 

This video illustrates the importance of giving children practical awareness education.


At Arakan Martial Art® we teach your child to adapt to many situations and environments, allowing them to become more dynamic and capable of ensuring their own safety. This experiential type training is conducted in a safe and controlled environment that enables your child to practice their ‘street smart’ skills to ingrain their response.

At Arakan Martial Art® we offer both self-defence classes and personal training lessons. Every new student - children and adults alike - receives a complimentary one hour private lesson to assess their needs so we can better create a program that’s based on that assessment.  


Arakan Martial Art® self-defence classes and personal training private lessons are available.

We offer a complimentary one hour private lesson to assess your child, their needs and create a program based on that assessment. 

My son Deklan is a naturally kind and gentle boy, who as an only child has never had to endure the competition and ruff and tumble of other siblings. Reading how daunting and challenging schools can be these days I was very keen to get him involved in self defense but wasn’t sure what was going to be the best fit for him.

In a chance encounter at a community fate we saw the Arakan stand and after talking to the guys I was really impressed with how friendly the team was and how passionate they were to get Deklan into his first lesson. And here is the part that grabbed me the most, the training is done outdoors in parks and school grounds while wearing shirts and shorts and everyday shoes, now that’s real life training. We booked in straight away for our complimentary lesson and Deklan couldn’t wait to get started.

On the day of his first lesson Deklan was quite nervous but Ryan his instructor made him feel completely relaxed and the lesson was a great mix of training and learning through fun games. At the end of the lesson Deklan ran straight up to me and asked if he could do more training tomorrow and the next day, which was a sure sign he loved it. He has now been training for over 3 years and as much as Arakan is about learning self defense and getting fit I have seen Deklan grow in confidence, co-ordination, self respect and self belief. 

Deklan now jumps at every opportunity to do extra lessons and group training and he totally loves going to school holiday training days and he wears his Arakan uniform with absolute pride.

I can honestly say I have been totally impressed with how Arakan has taught him practical, useable skills in real life environments and we look forward to many more years involvement with the Arakan family.


Mark Sculley


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