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Arakan for Men

Arakan Martial Art for Men

  • Physically... you will become dynamic, fast, powerful, strong, flexible, fitter and healthier... and you'll feel awesome
  • Mentally... you will become calmer and stronger, your ability to focus and concentrate will improve dramatically
  • Emotionally... you'll become more confident, you'll reach levels of self-awareness and understanding you have only dreamt of
  • Spiritually... you'll learn to connect with your inner self and learn to be present in the moment

Arakan Martial Art® is a powerful and effective self-defence art that teaches efficient, practical and easily adaptable techniques for the ‘street’ environment. 

Become fitter, faster, stronger and more agile in every area of your life!

The unpredictable nature of a self-defence situation is that you never know who you may encounter at any moment and should a potential situation arise, you will need to go from being in a relaxed state to being able to protect yourself within a split second. 

We believe everyone has the right to feel safe, to defend themselves and loved ones. Our goal is to equip you with the techniques, discipline, conditioning and skills to remain calm in heightened situations. 

Arakan Martial Art® is fast, unique, fluid, practical and highly effective for self-protection against one or even multiple attackers. You will learn self defence skills to keep you and loved ones safe.

Our goal for you is to: 
  • increase situational and environmental awareness,
  • learn practical and effective self-defence skills,
  • learn skills and techniques to ensure the safety and wellbeing of yourself and loved ones, 
  • learn skills to remain calm in heightened situations,
  • learn to diffuse and divert a potential situation,
  • improve mental focus and concentration,
  • gain a greater understanding of body mechanics, 
  • improve coordination and
  • begin you on your journey towards empowerment, confidence, empowerment, focus and awareness. 

Arakan Martial Art® is not just about kicking or striking, it goes beyond the physical. Not only do you learn practical self defence skills; you also gain self-confidence, empowerment, focus and awareness. 

You will learn to connect with and move your body in very dynamic ways. You will learn to have greater control over your body, become physically fitter, stronger and more agile. By having a greater control over your body, you will be better able to take control over your opponent.

Your awareness will be heightened. You will have a greater sense of self-awareness and of others giving you a greater advantage in a potential situation and in life.

Through training, your threshold along with your ability to focus and remain calm in heightened situations will be fortified.

Arakan Martial Art® is not a competition or ring style martial art. Our primary focus is teaching you fast, effective and powerful self defence skills. There are no barriers or perceived limitations to effectively protecting yourself and your loved ones. Whether you have never done any form of martial art before or not very fit, too having trained several styles and/or are fit and conditioned we will work with you and help you to adapt your skill sets into effective and efficient self-protection skills that can be used in a potential situation. 

Your safety is our number one priority, both in training and on the street. All training in conducted in a safe and positive environment so that you receive the most benefits from your training. 

We specialise in personal training that is specifically tailored to your individual needs and capabilities. 




We believe that training Arakan Martial Art® helps provide more balance in our life and when you are fully immersed in your training you will begin to see amazing results and attract more positive situations and outcomes in your life.

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Thank you so much for the wonderful Arakan activity on Asia Day. Your boys/young men are so wonderful with the kids. 

It is amazing how many of the girls love the activity! Nearly all of them said that it was not long enough!

Thank you again. We really appreciate it!

Jennifer George - Year 6 Leader - Somerset College

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Martial Arts for over 40's

Martial arts’ is traditionally seen as something we enrol our children into whilst at school or we participated when we were younger. We all see the benefits of learning a martial art; improved fitness and health, balance, coordination, focus, discipline and agility, as well as learning self defence skills. However, more adults are beginning to see the benefits of training a martial art and beginning their journey as a mature aged student. 

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My journey started when I shared some medical results with my son. I had been diagnosed with cirrhosis of the Liver, ultimately if untreated it would lead to further health complications and diminished quality of life. I asked my doctor what was the cause, I was told it was related to me being over weight (Girth Size). I asked what treatment I needed. I was told "Just lose weight".
I spoke to my family about my condition and what the doctor said. My eldest son , who also does Arakan, said "I have just the thing for you". READ MORE