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Group Self-Defence Classes

Arakan Martial Art® offers self-defence classes six days a week in various convenient locations to enhance your personal training journey. These classes are by invitation only, allowing your instructor to assess and direct you to the most appropriate group. This ensures that all participants are at a similar skill level and are ready to train together safely.


Our group classes provide a safe, friendly, and fun environment where you can learn effective self-protection techniques, gain empowerment, and build confidence, focus, and discipline. Available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast and Perth, our classes cater to all fitness levels and help you improve your conditioning and skills to stay calm in heightened situations.

In these classes, you'll work in unison with fellow members, encouraging each other and building awareness while increasing your skill sets, techniques, and thresholds for dealing with real-life scenarios.


The supportive and safe environment fosters not only practical skills but also greater focus and awareness. Training alongside inspiring, dedicated, and positive members, you'll experience incredible camaraderie and potentially form life-long friendships.

Our members do not compete or fight against each other. Instead, they develop greater self and situational awareness, adapting their techniques in a group setting.


You will learn to protect yourself quickly and efficiently, with opportunities to practice striking and defending at various distances and angles.


Group classes also cover defending against multiple attackers and other real-life scenarios, making this training essential for all members.

During our group self-defence classes, you will develop the following skills:

  • Practical and effective self-defence techniques
  • Skills to ensure your safety and wellbeing
  • Increased self-awareness and situational awareness
  • Techniques to remain calm in heightened situations
  • Methods to defuse and divert potential threats
  • Dynamic footwork
  • Effective striking and kicking
  • Devastating strikes, joint locks, and holds
  • Improved physical conditioning for better situation management
  • Enhanced mental focus and concentration
  • Understanding of body mechanics and energy slings
  • Improved coordination and overall fitness
  • Defence against multiple attackers
  • Close-quarter techniques
  • Protection techniques for your partner and friends
  • Managing the physical, emotional, and mental intensity of potential attacks

Our group classes are tailored to each member’s skill level and experience, so you can trust that your training partners are at a similar level.


The social aspect is invaluable, as members support and grow together, fostering each other’s development and continually bringing out the best in one another.


Arakan Martial Art® combines personal training in private lessons, group classes and special workshops to teach you how to adapt to various situations and environments.


This training helps you become more dynamic, adaptable, and capable of ensuring the safety and wellbeing of yourself and your loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch a group to decide if it’s for me?
Our group classes are invitation only. To help protect our students privacy, we do not allow visitors to watch group classes (except for parents who may watch junior classes their child is attending).

Where do I find a class timetable?

We hold classes 6 days a week in various locations convenient to you. Simply book in for a complimentary intro lesson and your instructor can discuss options regarding classes during your intro lesson.


Do I have to do private lessons or can I just do group classes?

To get the most out of your training, we recommend a combination of private and group classes. Private training allows your instructor to fast track your learning by focusing on specific things that will help you improve quickly. Group classes then help you practice what you have learned in private lessons and train in a group environment.


However, if you prefer to only do group classes, we do allow this. You will need to have an introductory private lesson (which is complimentary) so an instructor can discuss your requirements and determine which classes would be best suitable to you based on your capabilities and fitness level.

I have started Arakan a year ago when I turned 50 in order to get fit and healthy and have found it to be one of the most rewarding things I have done. I have never been a fighter and have found the skills that they teach at times challenging, but it is always done in an environment were you feel safe, even though you may be out side your comfort zone. All the instructors and other students are supportive and encouraging regardless of the level you are at. I find it fantastic and after only a year i do feel more confident and focused. i would recommend it to anyone to give it a go

Scott Thomson


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