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Arakan Martial Art® instructors are personally coached and mentored by Master Robert Kyaw (Ne Htoon Kyaw), who was born in Myanmar and raised learning the traditional Burmese martial art ‘Thaing’. This ancient form was one of the few arts practised for generations by tribes in the western region of Myanmar (formerly Burma).

Over his lifetime, Master Kyaw adapted this ancient style to suit today’s urban environment. He worked on creating a fast and effective self-protection style that better suited the modern world in which we live, and just like that, Arakan Martial Art® was born.

After dedicating his life to teaching, Master Kyaw quickly outgrew the number of students he was personally able to teach, which is why he began coaching and mentoring an elite few students who showed special prowess. These students became Arakan Martial Art® instructors, and are now able to pass on the benefits of this powerful self-defence style to more students than Master Kyaw could have ever taught alone.

Strict Criteria and Requirements

We want to ensure all Arakan Martial Art® members receive the best possible training and instruction, which is why we impose and maintain extremely stringent criteria and benchmarks for being part of our teaching team.

Unfortunately there are some people in Australia claiming to teach Arakan Martial Art® who have never been recognised, or are no longer recognised, as legitimate Arakan Martial Art® Instructors.

Please contact us to ensure you receive the best possible version of Arakan Martial Art® training, delivered to you in a safe, positive and effective way, from a fully qualified and recognised Arakan instructor.

The journey to become a qualified Arakan Instructor!

Did you know it takes just as long to become an Arakan Martial Art® Instructor as it does to get a university degree?! On average, it takes over 5 years to become a qualified Arakan Martial Art® Instructor.

We all feel very grateful to turn our passion into a full time profession.

Most of our instructors teach full-time, over 30 hours per week. The hours spent teaching Arakan Martial Art® makes us professionals at what we do. The more we teach and train, the more experience we gain, and ultimately the greater you will benefit from our knowledge and experience.

Arakan Martial Art® Instructors are students first and foremost. We are always growing and learning, and we take great pride and responsibility in the opportunity we have to impart our knowledge of Arakan Martial Art® to our members. We love what we do and believe it is a privilege and honour to teach Arakan Martial Art®.

It’s a long road to become an Arakan Martial Art® Instructor, however the rewards far outweigh the years invested. Arakan instructors take pride in being of service to others, in having the privilege to impart their knowledge, make a positive impact, and be a part of someone else’s journey towards empowerment.

We have a number of instructors teaching across Australia. Simply click on your location below to see the various regions we are teaching in.

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I decided to start my Arakan Martial Art journey when I came to the realisation that I had absolutely no clue what I would do if I was to find myself in a threatening situation. I now have the confidence and a continually growing set of skills at my disposal in order to defend myself if required.

Rebecca Adam


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In the modern quest for self-improvement, biohacking, and personal development, Arakan Martial Art emerges as a multifaceted tool that transcends the conventional boundaries of physical training. This unique martial art offers more than just self-defence skills; it's a holistic approach to upgrading your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.



Stay Young and Agile: How Arakan Martial Art Revitalizes Your Mind and Body in Your 40s and Beyond
Arakan Martial Art is not just a practice for the young or physically fit; it's a holistic discipline that offers immense benefits for individuals in their 30s, 40s, and beyond. This unique martial art goes beyond physical training; it's a tool for maintaining and enhancing mental acuity and overall well-being.