What is Arakan Martial Art?

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What is Arakan Martial Art?

Arakan Martial Art® is a derivative of a traditional martial art ‘Burmese Thaing’. This ancient form was one of the few arts practised by tribes in the Arakan region of Myanmar (formerly Burma), for generations. 

Chief Instructor Robert Kyaw (Ne Htoon Kyaw) born in Myanmar, was raised learning this unique art. Since moving to Australia he adapted the style to suit the modern world in which we live in. Arakan Martial Art® was born and is a fast and effective self-protection style suited for our urban environment. 

Arakan Martial Art® is not, nor has ever been, a ‘ring’ or competition based style. Our focus is on perfectly practical and adaptable self-defence techniques. The very nature of a ‘real life situation’ can be very chaotic in nature, so there are no set rules or parameters in a being able to defend yourself and loved ones. 

Arakan Martial Art® utilises your whole body as a weapon; from elbows to knees, open palms, edge hands, closed fists, locks, deflections, traps, blocks, bridges, kicks, forearms, your head – the list goes on!  With consistent training, you  can develop impenetrable defences; deflections, blocks, traps, intercepting hands, bridges and intricate footwork that allows you to dynamically flow around an opponent. This makes you incredibly adaptable and is a huge advantage in a ‘street situation’. 

Arakan Martial Art® is incredibly powerful, effective and efficient in any range, in various situations. Whether it is close quarters combat or in longer range scenarios, against one or multiple attackers and even against street weapons. Practitioners become conditioned to develop lighting fast reflexes with the ability to strike and defend in any distance and from various angles.

This journey is designed to challenge you, motivate you, inspire you and bring out the very best in you. 

Once you begin your journey, you will learn to tap into energy reservoirs you didn’t know existed and learn to command your body in ways you never thought imaginable. 

Through dedication and commitment to your training, you will learn to strike and defend in any distance and from various angles and gain an advanced understanding of energy slings and circuits to produce your movements with precision, speed, power and flow.

When you are fully immersed in your training you will begin to see amazing results and this transposes into other areas of your life.

During training, you will learn a greater awareness of how every course of action has a reaction and how this relates to a self-defence situation and throughout our life journey. 

We believe that Arakan Martial Art® better equips you to deal with challenges that you will face along your life journey, giving you greater confidence, empowerment, focus, awareness whilst improving your health and well-being.

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Chief Instructor Robert Kyaw

Master Robert Kyaw

 Robert (Ne Htoon) Kyaw was born in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) and was taught a form of Thaing by a close family member from a young age. 

In 1993, at the age of 22, Robert started teaching his closest friends his form of Thaing and so Arakan Martial Art® was born. 

At that time, Robert had graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and was offered several career opportunities but a corporate career was never Robert’s dream, so he continued to spend his time teaching martial arts to his closest friends and working several part-time jobs. 

His passion and dedication to Arakan Martial Art® was infectious and he began to attract more and more students. Robert has now been training martial arts for over 40 years and teaching Arakan since 1993. Robert has adapted his traditional art to suit our modern lifestyle and requirements. 

Robert is a dedicated husband and father. When Robert is not training Arakan, you will find him teaching Arakan to the next generation, his sons, or spending time with his family, mountain biking, snowboarding, at the beach, training at the gym, reading and meditating. Spiritual growth and self- awareness are high on Robert’s hierarchy of values. 

Master Kyaw considers teaching a true privilege; he believes that his calling in life is to be of service to people through sharing Arakan Martial Art®. 

We believe it is an honour and a privilege to share Arakan Martial Art® with you and to help you on your journey towards greater levels of empowerment.

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Arakan Martial Art® seminars, self-defence classes and personal training private lessons are available in a large number of areas around Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Northern Rivers NSW and Perth


So I sometimes (always) find it hard to admit/talk about anything I consider as weakness in character.
Over the years of my Arakan journey there has been more than once where I didn't want to go to training, I could barely convince myself to get out of bed. One time in particular being after the 6 or so months I had off for injuries.

If it wasn't for the understanding and going above and beyond to push me to not give up from , I know I wouldn't still be training. I also wouldn't have been in a very good place within myself. There was a light at the of that tunnel and after what seemed like forever once again I couldn't get enough and training was the highlights of my weeks.

The last few weeks have been difficult and more often than not im too proud to ask for help. As much as I hate to say it, I've needed it. The support and tough love or compassion depending when its from Anthony Forrester and Corey Davies (* who only after having me in group for literally weeks, scares me how much they actually care for each single student) truthfully it's given me something non self destructive to focus on and not completely, for lack of better wording, lose my mind.

I may never be able to admit l how much I needed it, So: while I have the courage I just wanted to say Ant, Corey, any of my other instructors, the guys I train with , Rob and Arakan Martial Arts. Thanks. Specifically Anthony. Although with a lesson with him this avo im gonna regret it. It has helped me more than you /could all possibly know. I am so grateful.

Marissa Hughes

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Important notice regarding COVID-19

During this time of uncertainty, we would like to reassure all our current and future members that we are still providing Arakan Martial Art Training as usual. 
Your health and wellbeing are important to us and not only does staying active help to boost your immunity (important in fighting illnesses and viruses) but by training Arakan Martial Art you also learn practical and essential self defence techniques. 

At Arakan Martial Art, we specialise in Private Lessons which are conducted outside in the fresh air and are still allowed under government restrictions. Alternatively, if you would like to train but are unable to do so in person, we also have the option of online video lessons via Skype or other video streaming platforms.  READ MORE

What are you waiting for?

There is an old saying, ‘necessity is the mother of all inventions’ and Arakan is no different. Arakan is perfectly adaptable for all shapes, sizes, ages, physicality and any health or other perceived limitations. 

No two bodies are the same. Everyone has something they are managing, working on or towards. 

We appreciate these differences and always ensure we structure your journey from where you are at. Our students have been in wheelchairs, had missing or prosthetic limbs, broken bones, terminal illnesses…. the list goes on; all perfectly capable of training Arakan. It is even more important to be able to protect yourself with these perceived limitations. We believe everyone has the right to feel safe and our mission is to impart skill sets and techniques to ensure the safety and wellbeing of you and your loved ones.  READ MORE