Corporate Training

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Corporate Training

Please note : corporate training is currently not running until further notice due to current COVID-19 restrictions. Private lessons and Skype/Zoom lessons are still available

Give your Team the Winning Edge

Are you looking to up-level your team?
Do you want to develop a greater connection with your team-mates and enhance productivity levels?

Create a more cohesive and fun work environment with Arakan Martial Art® Corporate Group Classes.

At Arakan Martial Art® we understand that people are a company’s greatest asset and by learning to ‘work together’ in a unified way, you and your team will become an incredible, unified force!

Team-building elements are part of Arakan Martial Art® Corporate Group Classes. The best part is that it brings everyone together so you get to connect with fellow team members on the same level, giving you confidence and awareness, along with practical self-defence strategies that you can use in real-life situations.

Our goal is to empower you and your team to ensure you gain self-awareness, self-confidence, empowerment, discipline and focus as well as practical self-defence skills and techniques. During training you will have an opportunity to learn and develop your ‘street smart’ skills and awareness in a nurturing, positive, creative and fun environment.

At Arakan Martial Art® training partners do not compete against each other, so you will not be asked to compete or ‘fight’ against your colleagues. You will be inspired training alongside your fellow team members, feel incredible levels of camaraderie and develop a greater connection with your colleagues.

You will become part of a stronger, more supportive, productive and resilient team. Anecdotal evidence has shown that businesses that support Arakan Martial Art® lessons in their workplace have seen a reduction in the number of staff sick days. Happier employees, means a happier workplace. A win-win for all!


Arakan Martial Art® is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. No previous martial art experience required. We provide a safe and friendly environment and will adapt the lesson to ensure everyone can participate, regardless of fitness level, experience, ‘perceived limitations’, illness or injury. Arakan is for everyone. 

We would welcome an opportunity to work with you and your team. Please contact us directly on 07 5580 8235, via email or complete the form below 

I’ve been a dedicated member of the Arakan Martial Art family for years now, practising on the Gold Coast. I’m also the managing director of Palm Lake Group – my family has been developing over-50s residential resorts across the east coast of Australia for more than 40 years. We have 35 communities in 25 locations with about 11,000 people calling a Palm Lake Group address their home.

I know that people are my company’s most important asset and with such a large organisation and staff in dozens of offices in three different states, I actively encourage team-building opportunities across my workforce. When considering team-building options for our head office staff at Southport, combining my love of Arakan with my business seemed the obvious choice.

After an initial visit and demonstration from the Arakan trainers (where the staff had no idea what they were getting themselves in to, even while they were signing the waivers!), I signed up our business for 10 one-hour weekly sessions. My staff loved them – so much so that we are midway through our next 10 sessions. Each week, our Arakan training sessions are enjoyed by everyone from the CEO and other senior managers, to our accounts ladies, to the planning and development team, and all other types of admin staff.

There’s a lot of role-playing and team-building elements to the Arakan training sessions but the best part is that it brings everyone together on the same level and it’s giving them confidence, awareness and practical self-defence strategies that they can use in real-life situations. I know that they also secretly love the opportunity to give their bosses a punch each week! What I’m also seeing on the back of our Arakan training sessions is less staff sick days.

On the whole, Arakan training is bringing many positives to my company and I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my personal passion for martial arts with my staff, in a mutually beneficial and fun way.

Scott Elliott, Palm Lake Group

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New training options available via Skype, Zoom and Facetime

When ‘life happens’, it is an opportunity to rise up and show our strength and courage. With the recent pandemic hitting our shores, it meant some changes needed to happen with training, whilst conforming with the strict government regulations and hygiene protocols.

With our wellbeing and health being highlighted and taking precedence in most people’s lives, we felt it more important than ever before to help keep our members training. Numerous studies have shown that physical activity is linked to boosting our immune system as well as maintain physical and mental wellbeing.



Mental Wellbeing and Support During the Global Pandemic

As global citizens, we have all been adversely affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic. This might just be to our day-to-day socio-occupational routines and training regimes but most likely than not, it has affected our sense of security and certainty about the future to some extent. For some, it can be hard not to worry what the Pandemic and its socio-economic impacts can mean for ourselves, our families, friends and communities.