Corporate Self Defence Training

Corporate Training

Team building and self-defence training that gives your corporate team the winning edge!

Arakan Martial Art Corporate Training will help level up your team, develop a greater connection between teammates, enhance productivity levels, and build practical self-defence strategies and confidence.

Did we mention it will also foster a more cohesive, fun work environment? 


At Arakan Martial Art® we understand people are a company’s greatest asset, and by learning to work together in a unified way, teams become an incredible unified force! 

Team building elements are an integral part of Arakan Martial Art® Corporate Group Classes. Fellow teammates are encouraged to connect on the same level, in a space where they strengthen their confidence and awareness, along with practical self-defence strategies that can be used in real-life situations. 

Corporate training will help your team become a stronger, more supportive, productive and resilient team. Anecdotal evidence has shown that businesses who undertake Arakan Martial Art® lessons in their workplace, even see a reduction in the number of staff sick days. 

Our goal during corporate training is to empower the entire team, ensuring each individual walks away with more self-awareness, self-confidence, empowerment, discipline and focus, as well as practical self-defence skills up their sleeve. During training teammates have the opportunity to learn and develop street smart skills in a nurturing, positive, creative and fun environment. 

While our corporate classes are suitable for all companies, they also bring an added benefit to organisations which require a certain degree of physical defence on the job. This can include the police force, security companies, or any business that hires bouncers.

At Arakan Martial Art®, training partners do not compete against each other - so you will not be asked to fight your colleagues! Instead, teammates will work together as they foster incredible levels of camaraderie and a greater connection with their fellow colleagues. 

Happier employees means a happier workplace - which is a win-win for all!



Who is Arakan Martial Art® Suitable For?

Arakan Martial Art® is suitable for all ages and fitness levels, with no previous martial art experience required. We provide a safe and friendly environment and will adapt lessons to ensure everyone can participate, regardless of fitness level, experience, perceived limitations, illness or injury. Arakan is for everyone.

Train With The Master 

All our Arakan Martial Art® Corporate Group Classes bring with them the opportunity to train with the Master. Robert Kyaw holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, majoring in Human Resources Management and Economics. He is the Chief Instructor and boasts over 45 years of martial arts experience.

Of his 45 years practicing, Robert has spent 28 teaching. During this time he’s taught thousands of students and clocked up over 37,000 hours doing so. He currently leads over 50 instructors and employees.

When Robert teaches corporate classes, the lessons go way beyond martial arts. You can expect to learn about movement, the mind, emotional wellbeing and spirituality, not to mention his focus on the warrior attitude and the cultivation of resilience and strength. Robert also brings the appropriate number of instructors to all corporate team training sessions, so that each individual receives the guidance they require. 

You can read more about Robert’s story here.

Robert and his team welcome an opportunity to work with you and your team. Please contact us directly on 1300 132 311 or complete the form below.



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