Arakan Martial Art Advanced Weapons Seminars

Advanced Weapons Seminars

These comprehensive seminars are as real as it gets, and allow Arakan members the opportunity to train against real weapons. This is how one Arakan instructor describes the Advanced Weapons Seminars.

I always look forward to the weapon seminars throughout the year especially the swords, daggers and walking sticks. It never ceases to amaze me how deep this art is. These seminars really give just a snapshot of the scope of Arakan - it's insanely technical without a weapon in hand let alone trying to use one! It was always a long term goal of mine to get to witness some of these techniques, but now it's about the experience. The whole room has an entirely different energy to any other class when Rob is demonstrating with a really sharp dagger, using the utmost mastery and precision as he stops the blade literally millimetres from main arteries with so much speed and confidence. You can feel everyone’s heart in the room skip a beat.

It doesn't matter what weapon is in hand, the level of focus and concentration needed to wield the weapon without injuring your training partner brings a whole other level of discipline and control. This is why it's still such a privilege to get invited to this seminar - everyone has to be graded and most people in the room have been training well over 5 years. Anyone lucky enough to attend would agree how fortunate we are to get a glimpse of such high level Arakan techniques, which we might never get to be truly taught in our private lessons. This is definitely an experience I hope everyone who trains can have. For me these seminars fill my childhood dream of wielding a sword and leave me with the most amazing memories.

Tom Wilson

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At the ripe age of 48 i felt i needed something else to focus on other than work. I had little spare time but knew that if i enjoyed what i did i would find the time.

After training privately with Grant Cosgrove for just over a year now, i have found the art has helped mind, body and spirit immensely. The training is practical, enjoyable and doesnt impact too heavily on the body unlike other arts or sports.

I also had the pleasure of attending various training seminars throughout the year at interesting locations led by Chief instructor Rob and his army of top instructors, which whilst tested the nerve, really reinforced the art in real life situations.

The respect that is shown towards the students by both fellow students & instructors is an absolute credit to the organisation, hence why it continues to grow in popularity.

If anyone of any age is considering adding something special to their personal status, take a complimentary class in Arakan as i did and enjoy the journey.

Dave Stringer


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