Abi Robb - Arakan Martial Art Instructor

Abi Robb

Senior Instructor

Abi began her journey with Arakan at the age 13. Abi began training as an extra curricular activity and ended up falling in love with Arakan, so when Abi turned 18, she knew she wanted to become an Instructor and help other young women along their journey.

Abi’s early years was spent as a competitive swimmer, having achieved several medals through various clubs, and won over 30 trophies. She enjoyed playing touch football and her greatest Arakan achievement was grading her Yellow Belt and becoming an Instructor.

Abi is only 1 of 6 female Instructors in the Club. She loves training hard, but also enjoys having a good time at training. Abi is easy to talk to and connect with and her students love training with her.

When Abi is not training, she enjoys catching up with her sisters, extended family and friends.

Abi enjoys watching her students gain confidence and empowerment through teaching them Arakan.

Student Testimonials

I began training with Abi after seeing the benefits that came from both my children training in the art.  My 10 year old daughter also trains with Abi. 
Starting in my 40’s was a bit daunting.  I had intended to take a few lessons and take it week to week.  That was 2 years ago and am still training weekly and participating in seminars when I can, which is something I never thought I would do. 
Abi is charismatic, down to earth and has an incredible, positive energy that you want to be around.  She brings a passion and respect of the art to each lesson, which affects you and how you train in such a positive way.   
Abi is technical, quick and powerful, and has so much knowledge around the connection between movement, body and mind.  Her skill and technique is inspiring to watch, and she is amazing at teaching you how to use your body in the most efficient way, no matter your age or size.  
She has the experience and knowledge to know what’s needed to stretch you each lesson, bringing you out of your comfort zone which makes you feel empowered and confident to stand your ground in difficult situations, and as a woman, that is invaluable.   
I have so much respect and appreciation for the genuine regard she has for the progress and growth of both myself and my daughter, and we intend on training for many years to come.

Wendy Holst

As a young girl - almost woman, Arakan has given me the confidence and courage to continue through life even when i didn’t want to. It has taught me to be self aware and comfortable in my own skin and space. It’s okay for me to be a girl and take up space. I’ve been training for just over a year and i could not recommend it enough. Abi Robb is an amazing female instructor that i would recommend to anyone looking to find a spark in life or self confidence. Arakan is a wonderful Art and i can’t wait to continue my journey. 


I started training Arakan last year at a very difficult period in my life & it‘s supporting me on my healing journey - physically, mentally, & emotionally. I’m even training with a ‘frozen’ shoulder! Abi is an amazing trainer, a wonderful mix of strength and compassionate attunement, giving me that push I need. Everything about Arakan just feels right, from the art itself, to it’s culture & members. I can’t recommend it highly enough! 

Aimee Hood

Although only new to the art I can attest to it being life changing! That's not just fancy words or cliche, but the honest truth. Not only does it teach self defence but I can see better co ordination skills, better memory, fitness and confidence (that's a big one) already, im a better person. I had been trying for soo long to find a trainer who would work with me , who understood what "I" wanted and my health situations and I found one here. My trainer Abi, pushes me enough to show me its possible and teaches the way I learn, its evident everyone involved is passionate about what they do and they encourage the little wins. I believe the team at Arakan genuinely care for students and each session is tailored to the individual. Practical Self defence that doesn't discriminate and much more. I highly recommend Arakan and i don't do reviews lightly. I encourage anyone considering, to try it!

Mel Armstrong

I've been training Arakan for almost three years now and it's the best decision i've made. I'm so much stronger mentally and physically, i've also gained a lot of confidence. I train with Abi Robb who has encouraged me to come out of my shell and has pushed me when I felt like giving up. Abi is very technical and strong and she inspires me more in every lesson I attend.

Claudia Moss

Honestly the greatest thing I have done, my instructor Abi has taught me so much about myself and I feel much safer in every environment. Everyone is like a big family and I have learnt to manage my anger and emotions so much through the art itself. My body loves me for it every day.

Mia Medic

I’m extremely grateful to have found Arakan. I’ve been training for 9 months now and absolutely love it! It is great for self defence but also for building confidence, fitness and strength. My trainer Abi has helped push me past what I thought were my limits and helped me gain a great amount of confidence within myself. I highly recommend Arakan to anyone who is wanting to gain skills and confidence to defend themselves and also better their life

Jessica Paige


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I am a student in Sydney. Aaron Moses is my instructor. Being a business owner with employees myself, it is always good to hear when your clients are happy with the service being provided. I have to say I started Arakan in feb 2018 only doing one day a week. Now just five months later I training 3hrs a week. I would have to admit a lot is due to Aaron’s motivation. 

When I started in feb I was still smoking and doing almost no exercise. With Aaron’s always positive attitude and motivation I haven’t had a smoke for 4mths. I also now am running and doing regular exercise. I am fitter than I was in my 20’s or 30’s. 

I look forward to every lesson and just feed off Aaron’s can do attitude. 

I am not a person that usually does this and didn’t want to make a big deal about it. But I really feel that management there and especially Rob needs to know how good of a job Aaron is doing in Sydney. 

My life has improved so much since starting Arakan training. 


Michael Cooper


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