Anthony Forrester - Arakan Martial Art Instructor

Anthony Forrester

3rd Degree Senior Instructor

Anthony began training in 2001 and was looking for a self defence style that would be fast and effective in a real-life street situations.

Anthony is here for the long journey. He loves the personal development that comes with showing up each and every week, the discipline and focus one gets during training and how it transfers into other areas of your life. Arakan is a large part of Anthony's life and he believes it gets better each and every year he continues to train.

Anthony easily demonstrates how adaptable Arakan is and the ability to flow, moving your body in dynamics ways, with speed and precision. He trains hard and loves pushing himself each lesson. Anthony is a technical instructor and loves sharing his depth of knowledge with his students. With over 2 decades of training under his belt Anthony's students benefit greatly from his knowledge and his caring and upfront energy. He loves watching his students grow, mentally and physically through training and how Arakan transforms their lives.

After more than two decades of training and over 12 years of teaching Arakan, Anthony attributes his greatest Arakan achievement to becoming an Arakan Instructor and grading his Orange Belt. He loves watching his students develop and grow, physically, mentally and emotionally and how Arakan positively positively transforms people lives.

When Anthony is not training, he enjoys going to the beach, exploring new hikes and trails and spending time with his family.

Student Testimonials

I've been training with Anthony in Brisbane and can highly recommend it. Starting in my 40's I was very reluctant to give it a go at first …. but looking back it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. The club culture and instructors here in Brisbane are excellent and they will guide you on your own Arakan Journey. Although not widely know about, Arakan is highly suited to self-defense. There is almost something magical about the power, focus and confidence that you can conjure up as you experience and learn more about it.

Nigel Adams


I still remember 7 years ago walking away inspired after our first intro lesson and asking myself how a big unit like Anthony could move and strike like that. 
Seeing is believing, and from that first day I became a believer both in Anthony and in Arakan. 
Anthony is a dedicated and talented martial artist who brings amazing skillsets, intellect, passion and positive energy to every single lesson. 
As a senior instructor, Anthony’s 15+ years of training shows in his ability to teach Arakan effectively and efficiently, which really adds value to our training.
We share a great friendship and I feel privileged learning the life changing skills of Arakan and sharing conversation every time we meet.  
If you are considering investing in yourself and joining this amazing martial arts family, I could not recommend Anthony more highly as your chosen instructor. 

Damien Digney

I have been a student of Anthony’s for almost 8 years. It is a huge part of my life and I owe part of who I am to Anthony and Arakan. I wake up every day grateful for having the art in my life, I have never been fitter or more confident. The art itself is so effective and it is an honour to be taught by somebody as skilled and passionate as Anthony.  
Training is something I look forward to every week. The culture of the club is incredible, the instructors are exceptional at their jobs, and I just can’t imagine my life without Arakan.  
I cannot thank or recommend Anthony enough, he is more than a remarkable instructor, he is a kind yet compassionate weapon with more knowledge about the art than I can put into words. I guarantee that if you are willing to invest in yourself, Anthony will help you achieve your goals. The best thing you will ever do is start, just don’t stop, you’ll always see improvements and be supported on your journey.

Laura Jones


I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first started training, but from my very first introduction lesson with Anthony I have been absolutely hooked on Arakan Martial Art. As my instructor, Anthony has guided me to be a stronger, fitter and more confident version of myself. Anthony is a fantastic instructor with an ability to keep you pushing yourself further than you ever thought possible. Recently I graded my yellow belt, an achievement I would never have reached without Anthony’s encouragement and guidance. It is a privilege to be taught by someone with Anthony’s level of experience, skill, commitment and passion for the art he teaches. He is able to tailor your lessons to help you to reach your goals, whatever they may be and he will be there to support you the whole way. The decision to start training Arakan was one of the best decisions I've ever made, and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone. 

Emma Slater


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A very good friend of mine held a party for his 17 year old son and my wife and I offered to help out with the general party stuff. All was well up until 9:45. A group of uninvited teenagers (party crashers) approached the front gate and despite of being told several times that the party was closed and that they would not be let in, the group got louder and started to climb on neighbouring fences. 
I started to get surrounded by 5 or 6 of them holding open cans and bottles yelling abuse, my adrenalin started rising and I started to pick out my targets (just in case). Then it happened, a push…it was immediately answered by a back fist (guy in front of me), slight turn to the left and followed by a straight palm (guy to my left), it connected quite well and caused a bit of a domino effect. The rest of the group cleared out quickly and started to throw cans and bottles at us; luckily no one was hurt. Eventually the police arrived and scanned the area for those who started this mess.  

Oliver Ihle


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