Daniel Lin - Arakan Martial Art Instructor

Daniel Lin

Senior Instructor

Dan began training in 2008 with his brother. They had been training other styles of martial arts, however changed to Arakan due to its fast and effective street style self defence, being very adaptable in a real life situation and for its versatility.

Arakan has transformed Dan's life, from being bullied as a child and been in real life situations, to an empowered and inspiring martial arts Instructor. Arakan has also enabled Dan to lose 15 kilos through training and become healthier, fitter and stronger and more focused and disciplined in his life, something that he is passionate about sharing with his students.  
Dan became an Instructor so that he could share these life saving these skill sets and techniques with others so that become empowered and more confident in their own lives. His greatest Arakan achievements are becoming and Instructor in 2014, being awarded his Instructor's Most Outstanding Student in 2015, and more recently grading his Orange Belt in 2017.

When Dan is not training, he enjoys spending time with his family, cooking, enjoying fine dining and fishing.


Student Testimonials

Daniel Lin has been an excellent instructor, he knows how to adapt and attune each lesson to the group or individual. Daniel has been patient as I haven't always found it easiest to learn but Daniel has taught me very well. Daniel has also been a bit of a mentor in life truly going the extra mile with both being an instructor and a friend.Daniel McDonald
I have been training with Arakan instructors for almost a year now. Starting as an overweight, out of shape person, at the age of 49, trained weekly and sometimes 2-3 times/week and feeling so much better now. Gained a ton of confidence, I'm in better shape then when I was younger. A big thank you to Daniel who's been guiding my steps throughout the year. He's become my mentor, encouraging and pushing me when I needed it the most! To anyone who's an enthusiast of Martial Arts: give Arakan a try, it will change your life!

Lawrence Cocerhan
Daniel is an excellent instructor and it has been a pleasure to train with him for the last 4 years. He has been a great mentor, pushing me to always do my best and challenge my self-imposed limiting beliefs while also respecting where my actual limitations lie and going out of his way to accommodate for that. He has made training both an enjoyable and rewarding part of my life and I look forward to continuing my journey with him for many years to come.

Dylan Gorman


Hey Daniel I just wanted to take a moment to thank you sincerely and wholeheartedly for the incomparable approach you bring to all of our sessions. Irrespective of limitations you have always found a way to shift the pace or intention to best suit the occasion. It has proven to constantly have a quiet focus on development where the challenges/obstacles are treated with care and respect but negotiated with an attitude that does not compromise my progress into stagnation or just going through the motions in the hope they'll clear. Every step of the way you have remained considerate, aware and adaptive to all my needs as well as having a ridiculous intuition that seems to see the path forward and the outcomes for my body and aspirations before I do. 

You keep it exciting, insightful and what is passed over is easy to receive and made easier to execute because you just know how to strip down the methods and translate them beautifully. You have a gift my friend and I am so honored and grateful our paths have crossed and I was blessed enough to receive your guidance. Not just in Arakan but life and self care too.  

 Mandy Lupin

I have been training Arakan for roughly 3 years now and Dan has been my instructor since the beginning. Arakan demands perseverance and discipline for development in the art, therefore motivation for this is essential. Dan has never failed to give me this motivation as well as much more. He is dependable, trustworthy and very passionate about the art and about being an instructor. I start my lessons with him feeling as though I can speak to him about anything. He has become a mentor and friend to me as much as a teacher. It is very clear to me that Dan cares deeply about his work and his students and is dedicated to their learning. He is an instructor for all of the right reasons and is an admirable role model for dilligence, personal growth/success and self-care, both inside and outside of training. 

Gabe Aburrow


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Arakan has helped develop Zak into the child that he is today both physically and mentally.  

Anya, Mother of Zak


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