Arakan Martial Art

Grant Cosgrove


Born: 1974
Student Since: October 2008
Instructor Since: August 2012
Biggest Arakan Achievement: Becoming a full time Instructor.
Interests outside of Arakan: reading, movies, road trips, travelling, music, cooking.
Comments from Instructor: Arakan Martial Art totally changed my life. It gave me the focus and confidence to be the person I am today. It is incredible to be part of a community of likeminded people that want to see each other achieve their goals.

I was first introduced to Arakan and Instructor Grant Cosgrove with a complimentary training session several years ago and Grant has been my instructor since then. He has been inspiration, motivation and challenge all with sensitivity and care about my wellbeing and progress. Grant has been flexible with training sessions on many occasions to allow for healing from old injuries, illness and surgical procedures and other other hurdles called life, supporting me as he carefully pushes me beyond the edge of my comfort zone. He is always positive and calm as we work through the technicalities and practice of skills that are new or that I find complex and challenging; Grant does not let me give in. My Arakan journey so far has been an amazing adventure and I'm blessed to have had Grant consistently as my instructor. I look forward to his continued support and inspiration as the journey continues.

Sue Raison

Over the past 18 months that I have trained with Grant I have gain valuable knowledge in self defense & improved to the point where I am completing  difficult techniques far beyond what I thought I would achieve.  Grant is an exceptional instructor who is professional, patient & a wealth of knowledge who can adjust his teaching strategies to make difficult movements achievable. Grant makes every session logical, effective & very enjoyable & it is very clear that Grant puts a lot of effort, thought & expertise into every session. 

I have to finally say thank you for all your effort in teaching me Arakan.  I can see how hard you work to teach this art & I appreciate that effort every session you teach.  

Thank You Grant,

Brad Gordon

Grant has been our family's instructor for over 3 years. His teaching style and approach is suitable for a great range of ages. In addition to teaching my husband and I, Grant also teaches our two young children, my teenage sister and my mother.
He is adaptable to each person's goals and abilities and always makes the class fun. I would highly recommend Grant as an instructor to people of all ages. 



Every woman NEEDS to do Arakan Martial Art.  It will give you great inner confidence to be able to handle unwanted situations and best of's a whole load of fun!

Anya Van Den Brink

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Martial Arts for over 40's

Martial arts’ is traditionally seen as something we enrol our children into whilst at school or we participated when we were younger. We all see the benefits of learning a martial art; improved fitness and health, balance, coordination, focus, discipline and agility, as well as learning self defence skills. However, more adults are beginning to see the benefits of training a martial art and beginning their journey as a mature aged student. 

There is no age barrier to training Arakan Martial Art®. We have students as young as 3 years of age and as old as 83 learning Arakan Martial Art®.  READ MORE

Turning your health around with Arakan Martial Art

My journey started when I shared some medical results with my son. I had been diagnosed with cirrhosis of the Liver, ultimately if untreated it would lead to further health complications and diminished quality of life. I asked my doctor what was the cause, I was told it was related to me being over weight (Girth Size). I asked what treatment I needed. I was told "Just lose weight".
I spoke to my family about my condition and what the doctor said. My eldest son , who also does Arakan, said "I have just the thing for you". READ MORE