Jack Barlow - Arakan Martial Art Instructor

Jack Barlow


Jack was first introduced to Arakan in 2018 by his father, who had been training Arakan for a while, and quickly developed a passion for training. Jack especially loved the self defence element and practicality of Arakan.

Jack enjoys the diversity of Arakan and how it translates into other areas of your life, developing strength, focus, confidence and discipline, all attributes which enables one to follow their dreams and live life to the fullest.

Jack is amicable, honest and hardworking young man. He has an enormous heart and loves to support others and help out where he can, often without expectation of anything in return. He loves to be of service and always shows up for everyone.

Arakan has helped improve many areas of Jack's life and he loves sharing his knowledge, that he has gained through his own training, with his students to help support and inspire them to empower their own lives. He believes that Arakan gives you the edge in life, not only does one learn fast and effective self-defence techniques, one also discovers more about oneself as a person. This knowledge can then be applied to living the life of your dreams. He loves helping his students become a better version of themselves every day.

Jack's greatest Arakan achievements to date are grading his Yellow Belt and attending his first Elite Guard in 2020. He also believes that becoming an Arakan Instructor is a great honour and that it's a privilege to share this art with others.

When Jack is not training or teaching, he loves exploring and going on hikes through nature, rock climbing, going to the beach and studying science.

Student Testimonials


Jack brings the martial and the art together in his lessons. He's really good at helping you hone the finer points of your technique, while also bringing a lot of real world scenarios into the lesson so that you're perfecting both your body and mind. He's a really passionate and dedicated instructor and a real joy to train with weekly.

Bailey Eales


Jack is an amazing instructor.  He can be tough - I can always rely on him to push me beyond my comfort zone, but he also teaches with the compassion and understanding that is inherent to the culture of Arakan.  He always has my personal development in sight and goes beyond what would be expected of him in order to get the best out my training.  He has done this throughout our in-person lessons and continues to do this over Zoom as I carry on my Arakan journey overseas.  I‘m honoured and privileged to be his student and I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in training Arakan.  He‘s the best.

Astro Spiller


I have been training with Jack  for what feels like a life time.
Although Jack is young, you soon  learn that he is full of knowledge and very grounded/mature . Jack is positive , humble, energetic and believes that everyone has the potential to learn and do the most challenging of things.
If your open to learning and listening Jack is your instructor. He will challenge you physically and expect you to give it everything.
I have personally gained so much as a small female training with Jack . He definitely has shown me that I need to believe in what I do with my Arakan but also how to use my body to get that edge on taller / bigger attackers. 
I feel so blessed to have such a patient, knowledgeable, fun but tough instructor teaching, no guiding me.
If your a female or male , of any age  and you want to gain real life knowledge to protect yourself, Jack is one of the instructors to definitely reach out to.

Gulsen Mehmet

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There have been moments during my training where old daunting memories have been evoked; these are both challenging and confronting. Training in Arakan Martial Art has given me the tools to manage these memories and situations – making me increasingly more determined to pursue my training and reap the rewards

Aida De Demko


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