Jordan Ranieri - Arakan Martial Art Instructor

Jordan Ranieri

2nd Degree Senior Instructor

Jordan began training Arakan in 2010 after being introduced by a friend. He feel in love with his training and could quickly feel the enormous benefits he received from his training.

Jordan is a passionate Instructor and loves sharing Arakan with everyone he meets. He loves training hard and the deep personal developmental aspects of training. Jordan is open to always learning and growing, physically, emotionally and mentally and he instills this philosophy into his teaching and students. His personal development journey is inspiring and encouraging, showing that anyone can grow and transform into a greater version of themselves. He enjoys watching his students become more empowered, resilient, and stronger within themselves and believes he has found his passion and purpose teaching and sharing Arakan with others.

He loves watching his students develop, grow and dedicate their effort into their training and life and becoming better versions of themselves. Moving interstate to teach Arakan, motivated Jordan to create a community that feels like family. He believes it is important to surround yourself with people who are devoted to becoming better versions of themselves and wants the best for everyone. He imparts to his students the importance of turning up to training, regardless of circumstances or feelings and watching it transform your life. How pushing through perceived limitations in training, regardless of feelings and emotions, empowers students to become self reliant and prepared for situations in life.

Jordan believes his greatest Arakan achievement so far, is having the privilege to teach Arakan to others and he does this wholeheartedly. He also proudly received Instructor of the year of the Award and feels it is rewarding seeing his own students pass their Yellow Belt and becoming an Arakan Instructor.

Family is very important to Jordan, when he is not training or teaching, he loves spending time with his family, especially as they live in another state. He enjoys spending time with his loved ones and friends in nature, hiking, snorkeling, rock climbing and exploring the great outdoors.

Student Testimonials

I have been training Arakan under Jordan for almost 2 years. He is my number 1 instructor. He is also my hero. The confidence he has instilled in me is immeasurable. It is powerful. I am powerful (now) thanks to him. Anyone thinking about doing Arakan Martial Art must understand before they begin it is a journey. A journey of hard work, dedication and patience. You will be tested both physically and mentally - the rewards are endless. In the beginning there were days that I didn’t want to go to training because there was so much to take in and it was hard. I persevered. Now it is part of my lifestyle. I feel better whenever I train. I feel horrible whenever I can’t make training due to work, It’s even harder when I am carrying an injury but I am always able to still learn.
Arakan is more than a Martial Art. These people are my tribe. My family. To sweat, to train hard and learn alongside people giving there all is inspiring. To be trained by these instructors is a privilege. 

Paul Ridler


Training is getting close to four years and I must truly thank the culture, both instructors and students.

Has given me the tools to become better in so many ways, more stamina, strength, focus and much more.
If your looking for a martial art that will give you what you want and need, then jump head first into it and you will not regret it!
Big thank you to the Melbourne instructor team, for being able to push me to become the best possible version of myself and to continue to strive for more each day! Also thank you to instructor Jordan who welcomed me into this culture!

Alex Baldassarri


I was quite a difficult student to have, rotating shift work, constantly arriving late to lessons, kinda scrawny, low fitness levels and having a pretty poor opinion of myself. My first three years of training was gradually slipping back to a comfortable, cushiony, frankly lazy lifestyle again where you could very much count me as an inactive member. Jordan called me out of the blue to fire up and start training again as his new student, it was at this point when Jordan charged and sent a massive shockwave through my training and life. Through training with Jordan my fighting spirit ignited, self defence capabilities were realised, fitness levels drastically increased with positive changes showing up on my body, mental health was forged and tempered to be tougher where I feel I'm able to handle difficult situations better and easier. 

Jordan is a very competent and capable instructor and coach, if you trust him and give him your energy he'll definitely return it tenfold. He's tough, challenging and pushes past what I think my limits are to what surprises me. Knowing when limits are hit, when to stop, when to give respite and when to adapt, making lessons always exciting, interesting and action packed. I walk away dripping in sweat, exhausted or incredibly sore, sometimes all three but also feeling accomplished, challenged and tougher next time. Jordan is a fantastic choice if you want to change your life for the better and seek power, focus and confidence.

Carlo Camera


I started Arakan with Jordan early 2021. I was seeking self-defence training as well as a physical outlet for exercise. I’ve had a couple of experiences that really stirred in me the desire to get confident with how to protect myself. When I began training I was quite jumpy and wanting to back away. I’ve found Jordan to be such a generous trainer. He is attentive to my learning style and shows great care with my needs and adapts accordingly. He both challenges and encourages me. I now train weekly with Jordan and through his guidance and encouragement I also signed up as a regular to the ladies group and will soon start mixed class. I’ve also bought my 8-year old daughter along and Jordan has shown her some moves. What I have loved about Arakan is it has offered me really practical ways of de-escalating situations and defending myself, with sequences that flow quite intuitively, cultivating our bodies. I highly recommend Jordan as a trainer and Arakan as a Martial Arts practice. Give it a go, you’ll surprise yourself in the best way!

Cathy Williams


My name's Tim, I have been training with Jordan for 5 years now. It's amazing what Arakan teaches you, not only the art itself but your own personal development

Tim Cafarella


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Arakan isn't just about fighting, it teaches us how to be the best version of ourselves and improving ourselves mentally and physically. Arakan helped me found a better ways to look at my life. Highly recommend if you are looking to learn how to protect yourself while gaining knowledge for different areas of your life!

Hank Wen


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