Josh Cheeseman - Arakan Martial Art Instructor

Josh Cheeseman

3rd Degree Senior Instructor

Josh began training Arakan in 2007 searching for a martial art that was practical as well as focusing on building his fitness and conditioning. He loved philosophical side of Arakan, being deep rooted in an ancient martial art style, as well as being a practical, fast and effective self defence style, street style of martial art.

With Arakan being a non-competitive styles, Josh found through his own training, that he was his own greatest opponent. He found this challenge very rewarding and took his training to new heights. He gained greater focus and discipline through his training, thus enabling him to guide and support his students through their life challenges.

Josh is a very supportive and caring Instructor and loves guiding his students through their Arakan journey. Josh is a very physical guy, however also has great depth. He easily balances the physicality with the mental and emotional elements of training. He inspires the hearts and minds of his students to help face their challenges through life and achieve their goals through training.

Josh is always open to learning new things and loves getting to know his students. He enjoys watching his students grow and becoming better versions of themselves. Outside of Arakan when Josh is not training and teaching, he enjoys listening to live music, playing the guitar, watching sport, standup comedy and gardening. Being a perpetual student, Josh also enjoys personal development and loves sharing his knowledge with his students. His greatest Arakan achievement to date is grading his Orange Belt and sharing Arakan with his students.

Student Testimonials

I love Josh’s way of teaching. Very articulate, technical and practical! His attention to detail is amazing. His creativity in teaching helps me express myself as an artist  through movement and exploring my body in ways that I had no idea I am capable of. 
Josh’s easy going nature really helps me connect with him as a friend and also have the utmost respect for him as my instructor.

Daniel Octoriver


I am in my 8th year of training Arakan Martial Art with Josh Cheeseman. Josh has played a pivotal role in my Arakan journey. He is an outstanding Instructor who lives and breathes Arakan, leads by example and inspires me to be the best version of myself every week. Josh's passion for Arakan is unmistakable and it is a privilege to train with his guidance. 

Josh has the ability to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses to customise your training to challenge both through every part of your ever changing Arakan journey. This has helped me to exceed even my own expectations of what I am able to achieve. His Belief in this art and my abilities as his student gives me an inner confidence to push through my doubts, rock up to training and improve. 

I love Arakan and enjoy training with Josh as my Instructor. His influence has had a positive effect for my Arakan journey and this in turn helped me to become a better version of myself outside of my training and for that I am so grateful. 

Charmaine Keogh


Josh has the right attitude and is self-motivated for a young man. Josh Always sees the positive to life's curve balls and powers through with a strong mind and good heart.
Alper Mustafa


Josh is a bloody legend and amazing Instructor.

Liam Breust


Without Josh, I wouldn't be in the position I am today. He has given me major amounts of confidence for not only self protection but every other aspect of my life. 

Scott McKenzie


My family feels blessed for having Josh in our lives. For 10 years he has been and continues to be a key role model for my teenage son, and for the 18 months he has been my primary Instructor. What I love about Josh is the way he embodies the martial art. He understands that Arakan is about more than strikes, kicks and self defence and helps each student grow in their own unique mental, emotional and spiritual journey. I am grateful for all he has brought to our lives.

Katrina Monteith


Josh is an inspiration! Not only as an Arakan Instructor but as a human ambassador and inspiration to my personal well being and personal development. His knowledge of the human body, his patience as a teacher and his instructional demonstration of the Arakan art is super motivating in his lessons. I love training with Josh and his influence that has helped me craft my personal journey in my 6 years as an Arakan student. I am grateful for his involvement in my life. 

Peter Cohen

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After an unfortunate turn of events earlier in the year, all 3 of my kids now have self defence lessons every week. 

Today their Instructor 'pushed a button' and one of my kids started to break down, emotionally.

Their Instructor immediately stopped, walked over and put his arm around them, told them to let it all out and stood with them with his arm around them as they cried. He then used a circuit breaker activity to move on from it and was beautifully gentle for the rest of the lesson. 

Afterward they *child* told me that they felt a bit embarrassed for crying but their Instructor had made them feel safe in doing so and that they believed they would be safe to continue to release the emotional pressure caused earlier this year, with their Instructor. 

What a genuine and strong second male role model for my kids, other than their father. Money can't even buy that kind of authenticity. 

Perth Family


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