Arakan Martial Art

Josh Grimsey

3rd Degree Senior Instructor

Student Since: 2000
Instructor Since: 2003
Biggest Arakan Achievement:
Becoming an Arakan Instructor and Grading my Green Belt in 2012
Interests outside of Arakan:
I love spending time at the beach, in the pool, also fishing and eating great food. I also love spending time with my wife and 2 daughters. 
Comments from Instructor:
With discipline, belief, and the right knowledge we become the best we can be. 



I have been an Arakan Martial Art student for 14 years and have been highly fortunate to have Josh Grimsey as my Instructor for my entire journey. Josh himself is a brilliant Arakan practitioner whose own mastery, drive and talent for the art naturally inspires and rubs off on the student. As a teacher too, Josh is a master. For 14 years, he has consistently shown up with vitality and enthusiasm, willing to focus completely on the lesson and my needs on the day. He bestows discipline with a happy and compassionate nature, driving when he needs to be and extremely patient otherwise.

As with life, Arakan Martial Art is a journey with growth and plateau, growth and plateau; having a consistent and committed Instructor like Josh Grimsey has helped keep me on the journey through thick and thin. As such, I have been able to make progress, learn about myself, learn about life, and learn about this martial art from ancient Burma.

Josh Grimsey is my Instructor, my coach and, through my training, a fine friend. I am grateful to him and to the Chief Instructor Rob Kyaw and the club they run. It's a brilliant organisation to be a part of.

I highly recommend Arakan Martial Art and Instructor Josh Grimsey to train you, grow you and give you great energy and confidence in your life.
Dr Andrew Bartlett,


My name is Gared Clarey, 8 years ago I received a call from Josh grimsey inviting myself to train privates with him. 
From day one my training changed the way I saw the world feeling empowered and confident in myself from the few strikes that where shown to me, knowing I could protect my family and myself I was hooked ,I couldn't stop talking about how awesome this art was to my work mates who thought I was mad, All I would hear from them ,mate that wall won't hit back, leave that post alone and to this day I still do it.
I thank Josh Grimsey for the amazing 8 years , going through my yellow belt all the hard times and great times and everything in between and Many more to come.
I would highly recommend training with Josh (private or group)to anyone who wants to be motivated, empowered and have a amazing out look on life.
Gared Clarey

Josh does extremely well planned training sessions is unbelievably skilled.  Josh is my absolute guide in how I am progressing.  I have massive respect for his approach, knowledge and time. He is the best!
Wayne Brummer

It has been a remarkable journey for me with up’s and down’s personally. Josh has always had an open ear and respect for me at whatever stage I am in. Thank you for your hard earned effects and consistency which would not be easy. Very much respect for you!
Dave Moore

Mike is very easy to connect with. Josh is a very talented instructor with excellent teaching methods and a wonderful approach. 
Mike Prior
For 9 years lessons with Josh are always great. Josh has helped me improve so much not only in martial arts skills, But also confidence and attitude towards life. Thank you very much Josh.
Chris Du


I have been doing Arakan regularly since 2006, and I originally joined out of a starry-eyed idea of martial arts after viewing far too many movies. 

The interesting thing is that while the fighting system is absolutely amazing, the gains I have made in other areas of my life have actually overshadowed the technical skills I have been taught. I've now been committed to Arakan longer than anything I've done in my life, (other than my marriage!), and it's certainly not because I have aspirations to become a professional cage fighter or something.

I cannot emphasise enough what it is like to regularly be around positive, motivated, and success orientated people. This extends from the instructors all the way down to the students.

These are people who live highly disciplined lives day in and day out and have strong character and convictions. Over a period of time I've noticed that my language, my outlook on life, and the way that I interact with others has changed. Problems now become challenges to be overcome, and I now have a very large network of friends that I was certainly missing before. 

People ask my what Arakan is like, and why they should do it. It's extremely difficult to summarise, and I just tell them that it's the best thing I've ever done. Our whole family trains, and my children have been learning since they were 3 years old. 
Becoming fighting fit is great, but becoming a better human being is awesome. 


Steve Gregory

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