Keegan Dick - Arakan Martial Art Instructor

Keegan Dick


Keegan began his Arakan journey in 2004 as a young 6 year old boy. Due to his consistent training, dedication, commitment and life journey, Keegan became an Instructor in 2020. He values Arakan highly for all that it has helped him throughout his developmental life, being surrounded by strong role models who imparted their knowledge and gave him confidence, greater empowerment, strength, resilience and focus as a young man growing up. For these reasons along with the self defence aspect of Arakan, Keegan knew at an early age that he wanted to become an Instructor and empower other young boys and teenage men.

Soon after becoming an Instructor Keegan decided to move to Victoria from the Gold Coast, away from his family and friends, to help pioneer Arakan in Melbourne. His dedication and commitment to his training and belief in Arakan instilled courage as he started this new venture. Keegan is a bright and happy young man that loves sharing Arakan with everyone he meets. Having trained from an early age and for many years, he has a depth of knowledge of the art that he loves to share with his students.

Keegan loves the diversity of Melbourne and how Arakan brings together a community all with a common interest where everyone is striving to be a better version of themselves, uplift and encourage one another and a great team environment learning an effective self defence style of martial art.

One of Keegan's greatest Arakan achievements to date is becoming an Arakan Instructor and moving to Melbourne to share Arakan. When he is not training or teaching, Keegan loves exploring hidden Melbourne gems, connecting with friends and practising Archery.

Student Testimonials


I started Arakan not knowing what to expect, but my initial meeting with Keegan put everything at ease. Keegan is an extremely warm, open and personable instructor and is a significant part of why I've continued to practice Arakan. I get a lot out of training with Keegan, where I've enjoyed learning new skills and improving my fitness in each lesson.

Jade Han


My Arakan instructor left (retired?) to pursue another career. I took a short break from training that turned into a really long one – like two years long. Keegan called me out of the blue, and his energy was so infectious he had me hitting pads within a week. We’ve been training together for a couple of years now, despite my moving overseas a year ago. Keegan adapted to Zoom lessons so smoothly I feel like he’s right there in my garage. Training with Keegan has positively influenced my fitness, mental health, and confidence.

Nick Seal


I am a senior aged student in my 70’s. Keegan is my instructor, he is patient thorough and encouraging. Arakan is helping me to keep fit and active. I feel a lot more confident in my ability to defend myself if the situation ever arose.

Peter Boyle


Keegan is a talented and professional instructor who has practiced Arakan for a long time. His lessons focus greatly on technique and fitness. He is very particular when it comes to speed and accuracy of the techniques. Whenever I am not able to do a technique properly, Keegan is very patient and willing to demonstrate multiple times until I fully understand it. Apart from that, Keegan is also a strict instructor, he would not teach me a new skill if he is not 100% satisfied with my current skills. For fitness training, Keegan focuses on building up a strong core and legs. He likes to record the students’ progress and always push them to their maximum capability.  Apart from training, Keegan is a good friend with a good heart. Always willing to help out when a student needs a hand in life and he likes to organise social events after class. I feel very lucky I can have Keegan as my coach and I strongly recommend him to other students.

Jason Tang


Keegan has been my primary instructor since I started my journey with Arakan. He is a very patient and enthusiastic trainer. It’s very much obvious how much he enjoys teaching Arakan and why he is such a great teacher. 
Marc Lacy

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I started training Arakan last year at a very difficult period in my life & it‘s supporting me on my healing journey - physically, mentally, & emotionally. I’m even training with a ‘frozen’ shoulder! Abi is an amazing trainer, a wonderful mix of strength and compassionate attunement, giving me that push I need. Everything about Arakan just feels right, from the art itself, to it’s culture & members. I can’t recommend it highly enough!



Watch how Arakan has changed the lives of our students

Being in the Moment
Contrary to what many people think, a long term disciplined practice in martial arts can help you become more tolerant, calm and peaceful, rather than aggressive. 
Many people avoid training in a martial art because they’re “not a violent person”,  in fact, it’s a misconception that martial arts equates to violence.  This misconception actually robs people of a martial arts journey as well as the massive array of benefits that form part of that journey.

Time - the key to success

In todays’ society we expect so much so quickly. There is always so much pressure on ourselves and people around us to gain immediate results, no matter what the venture maybe. 

Our concept of time has changed dramatically; I often hear comments such as, “I have been training for so long now, it’s been almost three years,” and “I have given myself three months to see if my new business can make big profits,” and “it’s time to find a new job, I have been in this same job for two years, it’s been too long.”

Malcolm Gladwell, in his book Outliers states that it takes 10,000 hours for someone to master a topic...