Kerrod Jarrett - Arakan Martial Art Instructor

Kerrod Jarrett

Senior Instructor

Kerrod began training in 2014 when he was looking for something to keep him fit and active after having restricted movement in his body after a tragic skiing accident. Not that you would know from looking at Kerrod today. He is a fit, strong guy and loves training Arakan and being active.

Kerrod loves inspiring and encouraging his students through their Arakan journey and watching how Arakan transforms their lives. Arakan helped transform Kerrod’s life in so many ways and he is grateful that he now gets to have a career teaching something he is passionate.

Kerrod is a very supportive Instructor and loves seeing his students grow, in all areas of their life. He loves sharing Arakan with everyone he meets and has the pleasure of training alongside his brother and wife.

Kerrod believes his greatest achievement to date is becoming an Instructor and sharing Arakan with others. Outside of Arakan, Kerrod enjoys spending time with his family and seeing live bands play.

Student Testimonials

Over the past few years that Kerrod has been my instructor he’s taught me how to handle myself in situations I never thought I could have overcome if they were to happen. He’s boosted my confidence a lot and has inspired me to follow his footsteps in Arakan Martial Art. Kerrod has excellent teaching methods and explains things well when I do not understand something. Kerrod is a great and inspiring instructor.

Brendan Jarrett

Would recommend Arakan Martial Arts to any of my friends and family. No better club to be apart of. Kerrod is my instructor and he is an absolute gun, couldn't ask for a more humble and supportive instructor. Master Rob, Kerrod and everyone in the club has helped me grow physically and mentally and I'm thankful everyday for how far I've come.

Jayden Martin

Kerrod has been my instructor since January 2019 when he took me for my first lesson, after which I was hooked. Kerrod is a great instructor who always gives 100% of his effort and energy towards every lesson and to me as a student. There's never been a dull moment or lesson and he always makes sure I get the most out of my Arakan training. He always makes me feel comfortable, in control and strong, and knows how to push me in order to achieve my personal best. Kerrod has made my Arakan journey so enjoyable and fun this past year with many more years to come.

Renee Reardon

I have been training with Kerrod for nearly two years and it has been one of the best decisions I ever made. Kerrod has pushed my fitness levels and my body to new limits that I never thought were possible. I have been challenged mentally and seen my focus, memory, motivation and self confidence increase through training. Kerrod has the ability to develop Arakan skills in a very martial, yet fun approach. He has helped me find a different side of myself and the ability to move and push my body beyond my expectations. I will forever hold onto the arakan skills that I have learnt, as well as the discipline, mental challenges and friendships I developed along my journey

Katie Schofield

Starting my journey with Arakan has been the best and with Kerrod as one of my instructors I have never learnt to be and felt more confident, strong and motivated. He has helped push my threshold not only physically but mentally and emotionally. He is such a kind and supportive person and I am grateful that I get to learn from him every week. I will be forever thankful for the skills that I have and continue to develop.
Mackenzie Holden

Our son started training with Kerrod over 2 years ago and we couldn't be happier. Not only is Kerrod a top quality trainer but he's also a really good guy who always goes the extra mile. He loves to see his students succeed whether at training or in their personal lives and is a exceptional role model for young kids. The extra skill, fitness and confidence our son has achieved with Arakan and Kerrods training is extremely pleasing. He can't wait to get to training and comes home amped and looking forward to the next lesson. We look forward to our son continuing his Arakan journey with Kerrod and being a part of this awesome club.

Chrissie and Richie Gray

I really enjoy training with Kerrod. I look forward to every lesson. I have lots of fun and learn a lot of skills. I don't think he can improve because he is the best

Aiden Gray (10 years old)

Kerrod is a very driven and knowledgeable individual. He loves seeing his students grow and it's clear he has a deep passion for Arakan

Tysson Nikijuluw

Kerrod is a very helpful Arakan teacher. Every time I went to raining sad, I always came back home happy.

Keanu Waters (11 years old)



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8 Years ago I started my journey with Arakan Martial Arts. I gave up drugs drinking and smoking and used the money I saved to invest in private and group lessons for myself and my 12 year old son.
I shopped the specials and hunted the reduced price items at Woolworths so I could raise more money for training.
What triggered me to contact Arakan Martial Arts was because my son was being bullied at school and I wanted to gain more growth strength and confidence after abusing my mind and body for so many years.
I now have a 5 year old son who has just commenced training. He absolutely loves it and has just started school and I am so confident that he is going to have the skills and a head start over all the other children.
I have invested thousands of dollars in training over the years but it’s not even possible to see or understand what it has provided to me and my family. I have got my money back 10 fold if you were to try to put a price on it.
Our chief instructor Robert Kyaw has successfully passed down his skills, knowledge and wisdom to each instructor and in turn, down again to each student.
He has branched out, north, south, west and east of Brisbane and Gold Coast and also successfully set up in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth maintaining the same high quality product and service.
If you want to improve your life and change it for the better for ever than I absolutely recommend you get in touch today!
Power Focus and confidence is what they are offering and power focus and confidence is what you will receive.
The last thing I would like to say is that this club becomes your family. They stick by you thick and thin and are compassionate and extremely understanding and encouraging.
They have helped and guided me through so many challenges physically and mentally.

Bruce Spencer


Watch how Arakan has changed the lives of our students

Being in the Moment
Contrary to what many people think, a long term disciplined practice in martial arts can help you become more tolerant, calm and peaceful, rather than aggressive. 
Many people avoid training in a martial art because they’re “not a violent person”,  in fact, it’s a misconception that martial arts equates to violence.  This misconception actually robs people of a martial arts journey as well as the massive array of benefits that form part of that journey.

Time - the key to success

In todays’ society we expect so much so quickly. There is always so much pressure on ourselves and people around us to gain immediate results, no matter what the venture maybe. 

Our concept of time has changed dramatically; I often hear comments such as, “I have been training for so long now, it’s been almost three years,” and “I have given myself three months to see if my new business can make big profits,” and “it’s time to find a new job, I have been in this same job for two years, it’s been too long.”

Malcolm Gladwell, in his book Outliers states that it takes 10,000 hours for someone to master a topic...