Arakan Martial Art

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Mark Boulten

Senior Instructor

Born: 1990
Student Since: Feb 2009
Instructor Since: Sept 2011
Biggest Arakan Achievement:
Grading my Orange Belt at the end of the year and moving to Perth to share Arakan.
Interests outside of Arakan: Spending time with my son.
Comments from Instructor:
Arakan has helped my life in so many ways and I'm so passionate about sharing it with as many people as I can in this lifetime.

Student Testimonials

My 2 daughters aged 7 and 9 have been training with Mark for over a year now.... initially there was a bit of resistance towards going for lessons, but Mark has managed to change that for both the girls. They now look forward to attending lessons every week and learn new techniques of self defence and practice things from the previous lessons.
It gives me peace of mind knowing that my girls will be equipped to defend themselves and know what to do if God forbid they are faced with an untoward situation
Thanks Mark, you've been doing a great job with the kids.


I’ve only been practicing Arakan for a few months but already feel more confident. Mark is a great instructor!

Cathie Sweetman

Mark at Arakan Perth is coaching my two teenagers. This isn’t just a physical learning experience After the first session, Mark had instilled morals and techniques which supported our family values. We are looking forward to many more sessions. Thank you.


I have been training with Mark for about 14 months now and have loved every minute of it. Mark is knowledgeable, focused and very patient but can still have a laugh and we do! I enjoy both the private and group sessions and I'm always learning something. Arakan is great for all ages and genders and I have seen this first hand. I look forward to continuing my Arakan journey with Mark and his students.

Scott McGillivray

I have trained Arakan for nearly a year now. I am so very grateful to have Mark as my instructor. Mark has been teaching Arakan for over 8 years. He is a true professional, always bring great energy and positive intensity to every lesson I have. As I am training to become a Instructor too, I have been tracking/ follow many of Marks lessons. It is great how Mark is able to teach anyone from Ladies to Men to children and still get the best out of every lesson for every student. Arakan Martial Art will teach you effective and practical self defence skills that can be adapted for any situation. The benefits of training Arakan will overflow into other aspects of your life giving you greater confidence, focus and overall better well being. You really will become a better version of yourself. I highly recommend Arakan Martial Art and senior instructor Mark Boulten to anyone, from all ages and from all walks of life.

Paul Hadland

Thanks Mark You have been big help in my personal development. I always look forward to training and listening to what Mark has to teach Looking forward to 4.45 Saturday morning.

Jason Adaway

I have enjoyed and learnt a lot from training with Mark over the past years and looking forward to improving myself more in the art. Mark has been a great tutor his patience in doing so and understanding has always had me looking for the next session in training.

Don Hale

You won't ever walk away disappointed !!! Mark is a great instructor who is patient, adaptable and no two trainings are ever the same. Perfect for beginners or experienced martial artists young and old. I enjoy my trainings with Mark and always look forward to the next one. :-)

Leeroy Rangiwai

Mark Boulten has been our trainer for several months now and he is truly mindful, focused, energetic and like a breath of fresh air in our lives. His training methods are direct, comprehensive and full of Arakan movement nuances that we never new existed. This means that we are learning something new every week, no matter how large or small. One of the most important results we have noticed since beginning Arakan is that, regardless of how we feel before we start each lesson, afterwards we always feel extremely energetic and this energy can last all day. We are both mature age 48 and 58 years old and I began with a frozen shoulder that was only partially moving. I hoped that by doing Arakan, it would help with my overall movement and I am glad to say it has. With Mark's help and guidance I can now almost fully use my shoulder again. Needless to say that I am absolutely stoked. My message to other potential Arakan students is, don't think about doing it, just get in and do it, you will never regret it. We both feel taller, more confident and disciplined and if you're lucky enough to get a trainer like Mark, well then you're set for life.

Elizabeth Dove

Since I started Arakan Martial Art in 2010 it has helped me to feel safer and not to panic as much as I did in the past. In this time I have gained confidence in myself knowing that I am able to protect myself when I go jogging in the evenings, early mornings and in situations that may occur in the future. It has raised my awareness of when another person is showing aggressive tendencies. I have also learnt to read situations better and hold my ground.

Sharnee Burraston

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When ‘life happens’, it is an opportunity to rise up and show our strength and courage. With the recent pandemic hitting our shores, it meant some changes needed to happen with training, whilst conforming with the strict government regulations and hygiene protocols.

With our wellbeing and health being highlighted and taking precedence in most people’s lives, we felt it more important than ever before to help keep our members training. Numerous studies have shown that physical activity is linked to boosting our immune system as well as maintain physical and mental wellbeing.



Mental Wellbeing and Support During the Global Pandemic

As global citizens, we have all been adversely affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic. This might just be to our day-to-day socio-occupational routines and training regimes but most likely than not, it has affected our sense of security and certainty about the future to some extent. For some, it can be hard not to worry what the Pandemic and its socio-economic impacts can mean for ourselves, our families, friends and communities.