Nathan Hinga - Arakan Martial Art Instructor

Nathan Hinga

3rd Degree Senior Instructor

Nathan began training in 2003 looking to try a new martial art to what he has already learnt.

Nathan is the epitome of a 'true warrior'. He is peaceful and loving and yet brutally lethal. Nathan is the perpetual student, he himself is in awe of Arakan and he loves training hard, learning new ways to push himself beyond his limits, towards further growth and development.

True is said that in order to be inspiring, you must first be inspired. Nathan is continuously inspired, learning from the Chief Instructor, and training alongside his peers. He inspire others in the way he embodies Arakan, trains like a beast and moves fast and powerfully for a man of his size.

Nathan is blindingly fast, incredibly powerful, has precision and technical ability which can leave one in awe. However his greatest enjoyment is enabling his students to feel the same. He enjoys coaching his students, sharing his knowledge, wisdom and expertise with them to push themselves beyond their perceived limitations and makes them feel that anything is possible, to uncover their inner warrior and help transform their life.

Nathan is a very genuine and authentic man, you will always know where you stand with him. He has a heart as big as he is and plays the big brother role to many. He loves having a laugh with his students and also gets them to train hard. His students benefit enormously from his depth of knowledge of this art and he inspires them to be the very best version of themselves.

When the time came, it was an easy decision for Nathan to become an Arakan Instructor. He loves sharing his passion and wisdom of Arakan with everyone. He attributes his greatest Arakan achievement to training with his Chief Instructor each week, being able to teach this art to others and grading his Green Belt.

Nathan's whole family train and when they are not training, he enjoys spending time together with his family, playing basketball, rugby, cricket and touch football, plus watching all sports.

Student Testimonials

Nathan Hinga is the epitome of a ‘peaceful warrior’. On one hand, he’s a master of the Arakan craft, with traits of power, speed, incredible technique, and all-around brutality. And on the other hand, he’s one of the most genuine, authentic people I’ve come across.
I first met Nathan in my early 20’s as a young male with no clear purpose or direction in life. I soon realised that Nathan was very different to the false perception I had of what it meant to be a ‘masculine’ man. I remember thinking to myself, “Here’s a guy that could physically destroy me, and yet, he’s not an angry person and doesn’t walk around with his chest puffed out.” – what I associated as ‘manly’ during early adulthood.
Arakan has enriched my life in ways that have only been discoverable through training. Nathan has played a major role in my development as a person, and I am indebted to him for his consistency, patience, and energy.
It’s an absolute pleasure to be trained by Nathan every week.
I would strongly recommend that anyone interested in expanding or uncovering their purpose in life through martial arts to contact Nathan and get started today. 

Tim Cummins 

Nathan is a very patient and understanding yet knows exactly how to get the best out of me. Nathan is extremely knowledgeable yet humble and his “awe” of Arakan and those around him is infectious. Nathan always goes above and beyond to make me feel valued as a student and often believes in me even more than I do myself. This has enabled me to achieve goals I never thought possible. 

Dave Mason

Absolutely one of the best people I know. So full of energy and is very friendly. Nathan has been my instructor for about 7 years and has become more than an instructor to me. Nathan is also my friend and I couldn’t ask for anyone better. 

Brandon Reece Barakat

Nathan Hinga. Wow. This man embodies what it means to be 'a force to be reckoned with'. With such a huge heart he cares for his students so well, and the shear number of years that he has been training has turned him into one incredible Arakan practitioner.
Nathan is a strong man, and it is extremely rare to see a man that size move as blindingly fast as Nathan does. When you train with or around him, he has a presence that you know, he's there, even if he's across the other side of a field, you know.
However, along with his tremendous talent and skill in Arakan he plays the big brother roll incredibly well. Nathan has always been there for me since I started my journey in 2012. From our first group class he began teaching me things that I didn't even know I was missing out on. I still learn from him today, not only with help progressing as a student of Arakan, but growing as a human being.
His knowledge, his wisdom, his power, his confidence, all of these things and many more I will continue to aspire to attain. Nathan Hinga is the man, and I can easily say, I wouldn't be the person I am today without him.
So thank you Nathan, for everything.

Nick May


Nathan and Arakan have been helping me, encouraging me though one of the most difficult times of my life. To me he is not only an instructor, but a mentor, councillor and friend. I believe Arakan and every one will benefit from spending time with him, training or otherwise. I also believe with Nathans knowledge, skill and people skills he deserves to be 3rd degree senior instructor. I emphatically support his elevation to 3rd degree and could not have hoped for a better teacher.

Brady Mayer


Nathan is an incredible practitioner, an inspirational leader and a wonderful person. 

Libby Want


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When I started Arakan, I was a stressed out, overweight businessman who was very unhealthy and was close to going on medication for high cholesterol. After 3 months of training I lost weight, was much fitter and doctors informed me I no longer needed to go on medication.
I have been training for over 3 years now and have literally gotten my life back. I am now fit, healthy and strong both mentally and physically. I feel 15 years younger and have found that I no longer feel stressed about anything in life. 
My relationships, work and all other aspects of my life have become much richer and successful and this is due to the unique and complete way Arakan instructors help you to grow stronger in mind and body. 
The instructors are personal, caring and extremely dedicated to helping you unlock your true potential.

Dave Mason


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