Paul Hadland - Arakan Martial Art Instructor

Paul Hadland


Paul began training in 2018 when he was looking to improve his fitness and also had a keen interest in martial arts.

Once Paul began training, he soon realised how Arakan helped improve many aspects of Paul's life, developing greater awareness, discipline and focus, skills that Paul acquired through turning up every week, training consistently and with dedication.

He attributes his greatest Arakan achievement to date was his Yellow Belt grading with the Chief Instructor. This led him down the path to changing careers as a panel beater to becoming a full-time Arakan Martial Art Instructor. Paul appreciates how much Arakan positively transformed his life and wants to help others achieve the same in their lives. He is incredibly reliable, honest and hardworking and is passionate about empowering others through training and watching their lives transform with Arakan.

Paul is a devoted father and enjoys spending time with his family and exploring new experiences with them.


Before I started training Arakan I had constant neck and back pain. My Instructor Paul has been able to incorporate stretching and strengthening into my lessons which has greatly reduced my body pain and I have also lost 7Kg’s in the process! I am a lot happier, confident and feel safer at work. I am very happy I joined Arakan. 

Laslo Bak

I really enjoy my Arakan lessons with my instructor Paul. Hes a great teacher, understanding and a good person too! Ive only trained Arakan for a short period of time now, however the benefits I’ve received including better coordination, fitness, confidence and just feel better overall. I highly recommend Paul and Arakan Martial Art

Mark Ribbons

During my Arakan lessons I learned self defence skills at a pace that is realistically adaptable and easy to remember and refer back to what I learned later. My time was used effectively and efficiently. I learned purpose behind the movements and Paul made every single lesson and movement count. As I am legally blind he also made my experiences welcoming, comfortable, respectful and made every necessary adjustment that are required to get the most out of my self defence lessons. 

Katalina Perkins

If you want something that is real world, out of the 'community hall' classroom and relevant, Arakan is the best investment you can make for your teen! I have seen my son's confidence, self awareness and ability grown with every session. I now know he is safe on the train and any building site where he works. Professional, respectful of time, Paul's your man, the best Instructor! 
Sarah Kaye

I have done a couple lessons with Paul and have found it great! He is very professional and enthusastic about Arakan. I have enjoyed every lesson and am keen to continue learning more skills and growing confidence
Lewis Fitzpatrick

Arakan is a highly efficient self defence system. Very practical. Paul is awesome, he has a great teaching style. He is always upbeat, positive and inspirational. I highly recommend Arakan and Paul
Ken Street

I have been training twice a week in the martial art of Arakan for over four years now. I am in my middle 60’s and have found it to be very satisfying and provides me with an outlet for vigorous exercise as well as improved co-ordination and fitness plus better mental health and well-being.  Above all, it markedly improves one’s confidence and assertiveness, to be able to manage almost any situation. I have found Paul to be a highly qualified and very patient teacher and I recommend him very highly.
Peter Benjamin 

I have been training with Paul Hadland for a few years now, in that time we have got to know each other well, he is extremely respectful and open minded, he always has an abundance of energy and a smile on his face which lifts my spirits as well, professionally he is very flexible and accommodating with training times, lengths places we train and a good listener if financial times are tough, his knowledge and techniques are fantastic which he is able to pass on, and explain it so I can understand it, I think Paul is a great asset to the Arakan team and have no problem in recommending his services to anyone.

Jason Hutt

 Hi my name is Harlan and I'm a student at Arakan martial arts. I've been a martial artist my entire life and have done quite a few styles but nothing quite compares to Arakan in terms of energy, explosiveness and a warrior mind set that over time can change victims to victors both physically and mentally through hard work. 
Paul is a great instructor and once of the coolest people I've ever met. He has great attention to technical skill and application, he has a great energy, very friendly, happy to answer any questions u have and easy to get along and talk with. I always have a blast when I have a lesson and leave felling better mentally then when I went in. 
I started my Arakan journey as a teenager when I was 14. I used to have a hard time talking to my parents and confiding in them but could always talk to my instructors. 
my instructor became my mentor as well.
teaching me valuable life lessons and giving me great advice as well as how to defend my self. 
As I got older I stoped for 7 years because I moved away. I tried other martial arts but found my way back to Arakan. 
Arakan will always have a special place in my heart because of the instructors I had when I was younger. And helped shape the man I am today . It's more than a club it's a community of some of the best people u could ever meet in your life. 
Harlan  Wall

I chose Arakan Martial Arts/ Self Defence classes for my teenage son Kyle in order for him to gain confidence and self defence skills. We've  been with Arakan for more then 6 months and I would like to recommend  Arakan, because trainers are the best in town, in their practice and skills. As the result of training Kyle advanced in knowledge about self - defence. Developed stronger character, confidence, personal security awareness, mental resilience, discipline and social skills.
A big thank you to Arakan Self Defence Trainer Paul who is responsible for that positive change.
Nora Woolgrove. 

My children (12 and 8) and I have been training with Paul for a month and we will definitely be continuing - it’s been so good for our coordination and confidence. Arakan is an excellent way to keep fit and learn self control and Paul is a great instructor.

Lara Farrow

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At the ripe age of 48 i felt i needed something else to focus on other than work. I had little spare time but knew that if i enjoyed what i did i would find the time.

After training privately with Grant Cosgrove for just over a year now, i have found the art has helped mind, body and spirit immensely. The training is practical, enjoyable and doesnt impact too heavily on the body unlike other arts or sports.

I also had the pleasure of attending various training seminars throughout the year at interesting locations led by Chief instructor Rob and his army of top instructors, which whilst tested the nerve, really reinforced the art in real life situations.

The respect that is shown towards the students by both fellow students & instructors is an absolute credit to the organisation, hence why it continues to grow in popularity.

If anyone of any age is considering adding something special to their personal status, take a complimentary class in Arakan as i did and enjoy the journey.

Dave Stringer


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