Arakan Martial Art

Riley Delanoue

Senior Instructor

Born: 1991
Student Since: 2010
Instructor Since: June 2013
Biggest Arakan Achievement: Passing my yellow Belt
Interests outside of Arakan:
Snowboarding and Mountain Biking
Comments from Instructor:
Long term consistency trumps short term intensity.


All Riley has to do is keep going the way he is and he will get to where he wants to achieve in Arakan. Riley is a good instructor and knows how to teach. 
J. McInerney

Riley is a good instructor and has helped me learn Arakan in a very professional manner. 
Rachel Thomson

Riley has been an excellent instructor, I have felt comfortable training with him throughout all my lessons. Riley is very experienced and has made it easy to learn due to his vast knowledge and skills. I have no areas that I feel need improvement. 
Kane Becker

Riley works with my boys to keep them on task and enthusiastic. Riley moves incredibility well with Lyndon who has ASD (Autism). Well done Riley, the boys are always happy to attend training. 
Jordy & Lyndon Braithwaite

A great instructor who always listens and try’s to help with any suggestions regarding Arakan or life. 
Michael Nelson


I was at the bus stop down from my house waiting to go to the gym, when a car pulled up. A guy jumped out of the car and told me to leave my ex girlfriend alone (I had been asking her to see my son). I told him to go away and stop bothering me but I knew that when he mentioned my ex there was going to be trouble so at that stage I got myself ready for anything. He then threw a right hook punch which I saw coming so I bridged it, stepping in at the same time with the right elbow then stepping back with the hammer. I tried to link it with a palm strike but I missed because I had already knocked him out with the hammer. I then got ready because there were more people in the car. They jumped out and began apologising to me saying not to hit them, and that they just wanted to get their friend so they grabbed him and drove off. After that I was excited about what I had done and how easy it was considering he was much bigger than me.

Paul Mills

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Martial arts’ is traditionally seen as something we enrol our children into whilst at school or we participated when we were younger. We all see the benefits of learning a martial art; improved fitness and health, balance, coordination, focus, discipline and agility, as well as learning self defence skills. However, more adults are beginning to see the benefits of training a martial art and beginning their journey as a mature aged student. 

There is no age barrier to training Arakan Martial Art®. We have students as young as 3 years of age and as old as 83 learning Arakan Martial Art®.  READ MORE

Turning your health around with Arakan Martial Art

My journey started when I shared some medical results with my son. I had been diagnosed with cirrhosis of the Liver, ultimately if untreated it would lead to further health complications and diminished quality of life. I asked my doctor what was the cause, I was told it was related to me being over weight (Girth Size). I asked what treatment I needed. I was told "Just lose weight".
I spoke to my family about my condition and what the doctor said. My eldest son , who also does Arakan, said "I have just the thing for you". READ MORE