Ryan Musgrave - Arakan Martial Art Instructor

Ryan Musgrave


Once Ryan began his Arakan Martial Art journey - his obsession was instant. The devastation, precision, and fluidity of Arakan Martial Art, became a burning passion.

Ryan's constant and evolving Arakan journey soon became even more rich and meaningful. It led him to the discovery of an empowering way of life. The transformation of his mindset. His demeanour. Calming both his body and mind. He’s more grounded, respectful, and mature. Driven with purpose and gratitude.

Ryan takes pride in helping students empower themselves through devastating and effective self-defence with Arakan Martial Art. Helping them build stability, strength, coordination, and fitness. He pushes students beyond their self-perceived barriers to new levels of success.


Student Testimonials


So far, I have had the pleasure of 6 lessons with Ryan. But, it only took 1 to learn how passionate he is about Arakan.

Ryan is a benevolent man and made me feel very comfortable every lesson. He is also thorough in his approach to teaching. With a keen eye, he picked small details and made me much better.
Every lesson with him was always more enjoyable than the last and I always walked away feeling pumped and ready to take on the day! Cooper Zulli.

Ryan's excitable personality makes his lessons really enjoyable. His friendly exterior has helped me learn and absorb his teaching a lot easier, along with his well articulated instruction.
There is never a dull moment when Ryan is training you, always entertaining and engaging. Anyone who learns from him will be a lucky student. Cody Yarnold.

For every Arakan lesson with Ryan, he brought exceptional skill, dedication, enthusiasm and a genuine desire to help me become a more successful and proficient Arakan student!
As usual, I can't wait for my next lesson! If you're thinking of learning, Ryan's your man! Paul Mulqueen.


I am tremendously grateful for the time I spent training with Ryan Musgrave. As an Arakan instructor, he doesn’t just do his job improving my skills, he takes genuine interest to increase my own awareness, from what to improve, in all aspects, from hand positioning to loading and keeping the middle involved, to ‘keeping the engine running’ (after a drill) so to speak.  I have been training for some time and I can say that it’s so good to see the enthusiasm for helping people improve themselves.
I cannot recommend Ryan any more than I can, as it’s not just his Arakan skills that helped me but also his professionalism to ensure I learn the most I can in the one hour I spend training. Dean Mayer 


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About a month or so into my training, I was in town on the way to the taxi stand after a night out, when a guy started to verbally abuse me from behind as he had mistaken me for someone else (as he was calling me another name!!). I turned around as my Instructor Jayson Osborne had taught me to be square to your opponent. As he continued to verbally abuse me I asked what his problem was and to go away! He threw a swing at me where I responded with a last resort cover then dropped him with a straight palm. When I awoke the next day I realized that if I hadn't learnt a last resort cover then things could have been a hell of a lot different! The thing I've learned most is that you’re never going to know when a situation is going to arise but the amazing skills and confidence you learn from Arakan can adapt to any situation you may encounter in your life even if you have just started out. Now I've been doing it for a year I have learned many more skills to help deal with those situations and it will only grow as I continue on my Arakan journey…

Nick Stowell

Being in the Moment
Contrary to what many people think, a long term disciplined practice in martial arts can help you become more tolerant, calm and peaceful, rather than aggressive. 
Many people avoid training in a martial art because they’re “not a violent person”,  in fact, it’s a misconception that martial arts equates to violence.  This misconception actually robs people of a martial arts journey as well as the massive array of benefits that form part of that journey.

Time - the key to success

In todays’ society we expect so much so quickly. There is always so much pressure on ourselves and people around us to gain immediate results, no matter what the venture maybe. 

Our concept of time has changed dramatically; I often hear comments such as, “I have been training for so long now, it’s been almost three years,” and “I have given myself three months to see if my new business can make big profits,” and “it’s time to find a new job, I have been in this same job for two years, it’s been too long.”

Malcolm Gladwell, in his book Outliers states that it takes 10,000 hours for someone to master a topic...