Scott Morisset - Arakan Martial Art Instructor

Scott Morisset

3rd Degree Senior Instructor

Scott began his Arakan journey in 2001 when he was looking for a new style of martial art.

With focus and discipline Arakan has helped transform Scott's life and he loves dedicating his time and energy to helping others achieve the same. Scott is a very deep, intense, and passionate Instructor who loves sharing Arakan with everyone.

As an Instructor, Scott is incredibly patient and loves coaching his students to get the very best out of them. Scott loves to have a laugh, however he instils an intensity, focus and discipline during training to ensure he gets the very best out of his students. He loves pushing them beyond their perceived limitations and how this then transfers to them pushing through blocks and challenges they may have in their life.

Scott's students greatly benefit from his wealth of wisdom and knowledge from over two decades of training, along with his intensity, passion and commitment to Arakan. He is a passionate and committed Instructor who is always their for his students, and loves watching how Arakan transforms the their lives. He loves finding new ways to pass on his knowledge, ensuring his student understand and embody their new found techniques, skill sets and lessons.

He loves to train hard and imbues speed, precision and power and loves pushing himself during each and every lesson. Scott believes he is a student first and foremost, always open to learning and growing. His technical prowess, along with his intensity and passion make him a formidable Instructor, which he then loves to pass on to his students.

Some of Scott's greatest Arakan achievements to date are being awarded Instructor of the Year, seeing some of his best students grade their Orange Belts and becoming a Regional Manager for Melbourne. He believes it is a privilege to be a personal student of the Chief Instructor and learning from him each week and in turn, be able to teach this amazing art to others.

As a dedicated family man, when Scott is not training or teaching, he is spending time with his family going on adventures and creating memories with them.

Student Testimonials

Scott is an awesome instructor, he is one of the many reasons I train. Scott is an asset to Arakan Martial Art and a credit to dedication and determination.
Marcia Neaves

Thank you Scott you have helped shape the person I am today. I have changed exceptionally as a person and a woman thanks to Scott and his eternal patience and interest in my training.
Tracey McMahon

Scott has continually enabled me to remain interested in Arakan and has done this by motivation and by being able to continually deliver a completely different dynamic to a lesson that fascinates one into really looking forward to the next lesson, Thank you Scott.
Evan Zikos

Just love my lessons with Scott really hard work, but such fun. Scott considers my fitness level always and pushes me to do better each lesson.
Linda Frazer

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Since starting in late 2009, Arakan Martial Art has truly inspired me on a day to day basis. It has made me feel incredibly empowered and confident. 
I now wholeheartedly believe in myself and my abilities, be it physical or mental! Having dealt with some nasty bullying issues from the past, this is what pushed me to train harder and faster, never wanting to become the victim again. 
Today I am loud and proud thanks to Arakan and the amazing people involved!

Tim Pitchford


Watch how Arakan has changed the lives of our students

Being in the Moment
Contrary to what many people think, a long term disciplined practice in martial arts can help you become more tolerant, calm and peaceful, rather than aggressive. 
Many people avoid training in a martial art because they’re “not a violent person”,  in fact, it’s a misconception that martial arts equates to violence.  This misconception actually robs people of a martial arts journey as well as the massive array of benefits that form part of that journey.

Time - the key to success

In todays’ society we expect so much so quickly. There is always so much pressure on ourselves and people around us to gain immediate results, no matter what the venture maybe. 

Our concept of time has changed dramatically; I often hear comments such as, “I have been training for so long now, it’s been almost three years,” and “I have given myself three months to see if my new business can make big profits,” and “it’s time to find a new job, I have been in this same job for two years, it’s been too long.”

Malcolm Gladwell, in his book Outliers states that it takes 10,000 hours for someone to master a topic...