Shea Murray - Arakan Martial Art Instructor

Shea Murray

Senior Instructor

Shea began his journey in 2013 after being introduced to Arakan by a work colleague. He was quickly inspired by the adaptability of Arakan and how it instilled focus and discipline into his life.

He believes Arakan has positively influenced his life and is deeply grateful for being able to continuously learn and grow each day as a person.

He decided to transition from a career as a sound engineer to becoming an Arakan Instructor, wanting to share this amazing martial art with others. He feels that living and embodying the Arakan lifestyle has positively change his life and is inspired to teach and inspire others to do the same. He believes that Arakan has given him the strength and courage to pursue his goals and through his training, developed persistence and determination to achieve success in life.

Shea is a generally happy and positive person and enjoys sharing his energy with others. He loves learning and growing and the personal development aspect that comes with learning a martial art that is deep rooted and grounded. As an Instructor he loves sharing with his students not only practical self defence skills, but also by how applying your mind to a task, dream or goal, and taking appropriate action, you can achieve anything you put your mind too. He them helps his students to become more empowered and confident to do the same in their own life.

After achieving his Yellow Belt and becoming an Arakan Instructor, Shea decided to move to Melbourne to be able to share this amazing art with a new community who may not have seen Arakan before. Shea is passionate about sharing Arakan and he quickly integrated with the community, inspired to share Arakan with everyone he meets. He loves the diversity of his students and how Arakan brings everyone together, sharing a common goal of bettering themselves, learning practical self defence skills and looking out for each other.

Shea is deeply infused into the Arakan community and when he is not teaching or training, he enjoys skateboarding, snowboarding and playing the guitar.

Student Testimonials

Since starting Arakan with Shea as my instructor, I have noticed a significant, positive change in my confidence and focus, this has really helped me in my day to day life and at work. Having patient and knowledgeable instruction really helps me achieve my goals and progress. Having a trainer that also knows how to push you to get the best out of your sessions when you need it really makes you feel like you are moving forward. 

Rob Spencer


Hi, I am Fernando Ferreira, a 60-year young male living in Melbourne area in Australia. I did not want to become a statistic in the recent spike of attacks on the older generation. When I decided to look for a self-defence class, I looked a various forms of martial art but was not sure any of them fit into the space of what I wanted from martial arts. That is of course before I knew anything about Arakan Martial Arts – never heard of it in fact before I stumbled onto it.

When I contacted them, Shea Murray, a senior Arakan Martial Art Instructor, put me at ease right away, but I was still unsure if this was right for me. Shea gave me a free lesson, he listened to what I was saying and what I was looking for and gave me a sample of what Arakan was all about and then the training started - he did not hold back. I learned more in that hour about self-defence than in all my previous martial arts encounters. That was 4 months ago. I have since then signed up for current private classes with Shea twice a week – if my schedule permitted it, I would have made it more – and although still very much a beginner I am much fitter and aware of my environment and surroundings. 

Shea trains his students in real life environments and real-life situations that the Arakan team creates, so that we must think and react outside of a classroom situation. Shea and the Arakan team doesn’t only teach you how to punch but also how to absorb your attackers’ punches or kicks. 

This Arakan course is incredibly well structured and to the point. Teaches complicated concepts in a simple way and helps you through the course “pain-free”. While you are being taught you(It Never Stops), listen and act, very little talking is allowed as you have to listen to your instructor and watch what he is showing you. This is a different learning style that I was used to, but it is a powerful means to make you actually learn. Shea and his colleagues have broken down the teaching in a logical way to help you stay on track. After each class, I am always wondering what we will be tackling in the next. 

Arakan Martial Art gives me everything I need to be confident that I can get out of a sticky situation, if I cannot walk away from it before it starts.

Fernando Ferreira


Arakan and Shea my instructor have been there for me at one of the most difficult times in my life. Shea has given me support to get through it and Arakan the resilience to do it. I am a better mother and person as I am calmer and more in control of my emotions and thus my behaviour. More precisely, I respond rather than react in situations. Shea has so much patience and encourages me throughout the lesson. I love the way he praises me when I finally get it.... His lessons are always fun with lots of explanations on how to do better. He is big on technique which is what I like too. I have lost weight and am on my way to get to my desired goal. I now have the best ever looking legs for a Senior lady and biceps too. I get a good cardio session and learn self defence with an instructor who loves his work. It is very infectious and I finish my session with a smile. Shea is so experienced at teaching that he knows when I have reached my limit. He pushes me as far as I can go and smiles. He makes me laugh because I know that he knows that that is how I will improve. He is helping me improve my fitness and Arakan technique. I am in awe of his passion for teaching and his love of Arakan. 

I have met other instructors who are fabulous and have the same passion. All the Arakan instructors are all lovely and friendly, This is a really good group to learn with.... fun, happy and professional. The club has wonderful people. I am so happy to have found Arakan and have Shea as my instructor. I look forward to my continuing learning Arakan with Shea. 

Irene Georgekakis


Shea Murray's Arakan lessons have changed my life for the better in so many ways and he is a phenomenal instructor. Although I only started several weeks ago, already I feel more confident in my own body to move efficiently and with control and good technique. 

Shea's lessons have helped me to work on maintaining my fitness discipline and although I'm quite a clumsy person in general, to have better control over my body. I love our lessons because we are always learning new and exciting movements while also honing in on what he has already taught me. There's never a dull moment with Shea and he always brings great energy, patience and kindness to every lesson. 

I started Arakan as I wanted to learn a form of self defence to aid me  if I ever got into a scary situation that I wouldn't be able to get out of or even just to feel a little more safe when I have to walk home from work late at night. Shea has definitely provided me with that level of confidence through his guided lessons and I am very motivated to continue learning Arakan both with him and in further group style lessons. 

I love his teaching style and how he takes my learning seriously and doesn't hold back. I have been to other martial art classes in Adelaide where I found they didn't take the ladies learning as seriously and I felt I wasn't being taught to reach my full potential there. That is definitely not the case with Shea and I absolutely love that about our lessons. You get back what you put in.

Furthermore, I feel motivated to try my best and take as much as I can out of his lessons because he'll match your learning pace. I always feel comfortable around Shea and he is a great listener too, making sure I understand any aspect of our lessons that I need more help with and listening to any other concerns I have. I look forward to continuing our lessons and can't recommend him enough if you're looking to learn a martial art that will help you out in the real world (but hopefully y world (but hopefully you'll never need to use it). 

Zahra Sadri


I really look forward to my weekly group sessions with Shea. I'm always learning and growing in my Arakan skills, self confidence, strength and awareness. Every session is different  and the analogies Shea uses are entertaining. His teaching manor is firm, fair and respectful, which makes me feel welcome and safe. This encourages me to show up and try my best no matter what.

Roxanne Greller


Well, you can define me as someone who is lazy, loves to eat, sleep, binge watch netflix, all those potato couch driven characteristics. It all started when i almost got kidnapped that got me into Arakan. Signed up on Arakan's website and i was told to attend Shea's Saturday morning class and i was like 'oh no, not weekend please i need to sleep in'. 
However after attended his first class, there is something about it that i don't know that got me so committed and motivated to wake up every Saturday morning (this is a very big deal for me) and eager to learn new techniques. I can see that Shea really wants their student to improve, and actually learn a skill set and take something out from him. Also because of Shea, i decided to invest myself more in Arakan, do a private class and attend an extra level 1 lesson on Tuesday night. 

Jess Budiman


I'm new to Arakan. Shea has been patient and a kind but staunch instructor. He responds to questions and concerns in a really proactive and effective way. He has been super encouraging without stoking my ego, which is what I need. I feel like I have learnt so much in such a short period of time, but also like I know nothing and am looking forward to learning a much more.

Bree Taylor


My name is mark. I'm one of sheas one on one students and one of sheas port Melbourne group class.  I've been doing the arakan martial arts self defence classes for 6 months and I'm really enjoying it.  I feel that I'm a lot more confident and that my technique is coming along nicely I find Shea Murray to be an excellent and patient instructor.  He gives me  great advice and shows me all the hits and blocks in a physical and caring way.  I know that I've come along way with his guidance and I look forward to learning more about arakan self defence for years to come.    

Mark Nicols   


I am a senior aged student at Shea's level 1 group sessions. He is helping me attain a level of fitness, self confidence and the knowledge that if necessary I could defend myself.

Peter Boyle


I have been attending Shea's classes for last few months. His ability to explain complex movements and concepts in simple and retrievable teams is fantastic. His love and respect for the art is evident and infectious while his teaching method is encouraging with a focus on instilling in his students martial etiquette. I highly recommend Shea if you are looking to begin your Arakan journey 

Lee Austin


I really look forward to my weekly group sessions with Shea. I'm always learning and growing in my Arakan skills, self confidence, strength and awareness. Every session is different  and the analogies Shea uses are entertaining. His teaching manor is firm, fair and respectful, which makes me feel welcome and safe. This encourages me to show up and try my best no matter what. 

Roxanne Greller


As my instructor Shea exudes positive energy and enthusiasm to each and every lesson. Shea's ability to clearly disseminate his knowledge and expertise ensures that as a student, I am given every opportunity to learn and grow in the wonderful world of Arakan. Shea is a true Arakan professional and I would recommend Shea to any budding student!

John Zuckerman

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After an unfortunate turn of events earlier in the year, all 3 of my kids now have self defence lessons every week. 

Today their Instructor 'pushed a button' and one of my kids started to break down, emotionally.

Their Instructor immediately stopped, walked over and put his arm around them, told them to let it all out and stood with them with his arm around them as they cried. He then used a circuit breaker activity to move on from it and was beautifully gentle for the rest of the lesson. 

Afterward they *child* told me that they felt a bit embarrassed for crying but their Instructor had made them feel safe in doing so and that they believed they would be safe to continue to release the emotional pressure caused earlier this year, with their Instructor. 

What a genuine and strong second male role model for my kids, other than their father. Money can't even buy that kind of authenticity. 

Perth Family


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