Stuart Norris - Arakan Martial Art Instructor

Stuart Norris


Stuart began his journey in 2015 after being introduced to Arakan by a friend. He loved how each week he could feel himself become mentally and physically stronger and had the realisation that he wanted to share this with others.

Arakan has helped Stuart personally grow and develop in many areas of his life. He discovered how Arakan helped him manage anxiety and stress and he truly believes that Arakan helps you grow into the greatest version of yourself . He believes that through his training, he has developed discipline and focus which then quickly transferred into other areas of his life and helped him stick too and achieve his goals.

Stuart is an all round great guy. He is down to earth, approachable, reliable, honest, dependable, has a strong work ethic and genuinely loves to help others. He loves sharing how adaptable and street effective Arakan is with everyone he meets and his students greatly benefit from Stuart's compassionate nature and his ability to teach his students in a way that helps them get the most out of their lesson.

He loves watching his students grow each week and become better versions of themselves. Stuart is committed to personal development and grow, how applied knowledge translates to positive changes in your life and he loves sharing this with his students. He is always learning and growing, physically, emotionally and mentally and he instills this philosophy into his teaching and students. He loves training hard and incorporates psychical conditioning into his training to create balance for his students to develop mental and physical fitness and awareness.

His greatest Arakan achievement is passing his Yellow Belt grading and being awarded the Most Improved students in 2017. Outside of Arakan, Stuart is a committed family man and enjoys spending time with his family.

Student Testimonials


I have been practicing Arakan for 6 months with Stuart as my primary instructor. 
I was very hesitant to start Arakan, as I am with many things, however Stuart was quick to make me feel comfortable and supported through his intuitive and individualised teaching. 
He always manages to find new ways to explain manoeuvres and strikes if I am confused or struggling with his initial approach.
Stuart never fails to make every lesson both challenging and entertaining, always pushing me to improve physically and mentally. 
His teaching and advice extends beyond Arakan into general wellbeing and stress management, which I have been applying to everyday interactions, study and work. 
I cannot recommend him enough to anyone seeking a mentor with a creative and engaging practice. 


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A very good friend of mine held a party for his 17 year old son and my wife and I offered to help out with the general party stuff. All was well up until 9:45. A group of uninvited teenagers (party crashers) approached the front gate and despite of being told several times that the party was closed and that they would not be let in, the group got louder and started to climb on neighbouring fences. 
I started to get surrounded by 5 or 6 of them holding open cans and bottles yelling abuse, my adrenalin started rising and I started to pick out my targets (just in case). Then it happened, a push…it was immediately answered by a back fist (guy in front of me), slight turn to the left and followed by a straight palm (guy to my left), it connected quite well and caused a bit of a domino effect. The rest of the group cleared out quickly and started to throw cans and bottles at us; luckily no one was hurt. Eventually the police arrived and scanned the area for those who started this mess.  

Oliver Ihle


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