Tim Maloney - Arakan Martial Art Instructor

Tim Maloney


Tim began his Arakan journey in 2015 when he wanted to learn self defence. Both he and his partner both started training and Tim quickly developed his passion for Arakan, in learning to protect himself and loved ones.

Over the years, Tim’s discipline and focus increased, as did his fitness and strength. This inspired Tim to become an Instructor and help others to become better versions of themselves. He attributes Arakan to changing his life and now inspires others to go on their Arakan journey.

Tim is very patient, compassionate, and understanding Instructor and loves watching his student’s confidence grow. He is always open to learning and growing, both as a martial arts Instructor and person.

Tim enjoys being active with his partner and other interests outside of Arakan include music, skateboarding, surfing and bouldering.


Confidence, Strength, Coordination and Resilience.
These are four key things which Tim has taught and coaches my 2 teen daughters on, whilst studying Arakan martial arts.
Tim is personable, friendly, approachable and very supportive.
My daughters have always felt at ease under Tim’s tutorial and have developed core strength, hand/eye coordination & built the confidence and resilience to defend themselves or others, if and when the situation presents. As a mum of two daughters this has provided me comfort and peace of mind, that as they take on more responsibilities in life and are out on their own more, they will be trained in the “fight response” and be able to put any potential threat in hospital or worse.

Parent - Jeri Harvey

I have had the privilege of training with Tim over the past several months whilst he was becoming a full time instructor. He comes with such energy and no matter how you are feeling at the beginning of the lesson by the end his enthusiasm for Arakan and the skills he teaches, makes you walk away having that same enthusiasm and energy for Arakan.

Marsha McGowan

Our 5 year old daughter has been training with Tim for a few months now. She really looks forward to each lesson and asks "is it martial arts today?". Tim has a very natural ability to connect with her, he is patient and keeps the sessions fun. Her concentration and focus has improved in a very short amount of time. We are so glad we found Tim and Arakan Martial Art.

Brooke. mother of Charlie

Tim has been coaching my 9 year old son for almost a year now. He incorporates a range of strategies tailored specifically to meet the needs of my child, and I have noticed a huge improvement in my son’s focus and concentration since he started. He takes the time to get to know my son and his interests. Tim is always flexible and his passion for Arakan is clearly evident. We are grateful to Tim for starting our son on his Arakan journey.

Belinda Campbell

I started Arakan to learn about self defence, gain confidence and strength! I've loved my lessons and the progression I've noticed in my self, it's challenging at times however, I found such urge in continuing and learning more. 
Tim as an instructor has helped me significantly with the goals I've set in the beginning. He has constantly found ways to keep me engaged in the lessons whilst being versatile in his ability to teach me strikes and/or techniques  that I've found challenging! 
He has also been awesome with time management and the flexible hours regarding work times! 10/10??:)

Xialyn Cabanlig

I've trained under Tim from the beginning of 2022, his belief in you as a student is unwavering. Tim is genuinely committed to all the positive aspects that will come from learning Arakan. It sounds like an exceptional amount of time and dedication to get to where Tim is today. 

Ben Cosgrove


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Arakan has helped develop Zak into the child that he is today both physically and mentally.  

Anya, Mother of Zak


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