Self Defence for Travellers

Safe Journeys, Stronger Adventures: Unleashing the Power of Martial Arts in Your Travels

Traveling is a journey of discovery, adventure, and unforgettable experiences. Whether it's exploring ancient ruins, navigating bustling city streets, or trekking through serene landscapes, every journey offers unique challenges and opportunities. Arakan Martial Art, known for its focus on practicality, agility, and self-awareness, is an excellent companion for travellers seeking to enhance their journeys.

Tackling Travel Challenges with Arakan Martial Art
Travel often presents diverse challenges, from ensuring personal safety to maintaining physical stamina in unfamiliar territories. Arakan Martial Art is not just a self-defence system; it’s a tool that prepares you for these varied aspects of travel.

Why Choose Arakan Martial Art?

  1. Heightened Awareness and Confidence: Arakan Martial Art trains you in situational awareness, a vital skill when exploring new places. This awareness, coupled with the confidence gained from training, is essential for a fulfilling travel experience.
  2. Boosted Physical Fitness: Whether your travels involve extensive walking or adventurous activities, the physical conditioning provided by Arakan Martial Art enhances your endurance and agility, making physically demanding aspects of travel more enjoyable.
  3. Practical Self-Defence Skills: Understanding basic self-defence can be reassuring, especially when traveling. Arakan Martial Art equips you with effective, real-world self-defence techniques, adding a layer of security to your travels.
  4. Stress Reduction and Mental Clarity: The discipline and focus cultivated through Arakan Martial Art can help manage travel-related stress, leading to a more relaxed and enjoyable journey.

Personalized Training for Travelers
Arakan Martial Art training can be customized with private lessons to fit individual needs and goals. For travellers, this means a focus on developing skills that are most beneficial for travel – from enhancing physical endurance to learning practical self-defence methods.

Embarking on a Martial Arts-Inspired Journey
Envision yourself walking confidently through new destinations, fully engaged and mentally sharp, ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way. Arakan Martial Art prepares you not just physically, but mentally and emotionally for the rigors and joys of travel.

Start Your Martial Arts Adventure
If you’re looking to add an extra dimension to your travel preparations, Arakan Martial Art offers unique benefits that go beyond the ordinary. Visit to discover how this martial art can become a transformative part of your travel experience.

Travel with Enhanced Assurance
Travel is a journey that should be embarked upon with excitement and assurance. Arakan Martial Art provides not just self-defence skills but a holistic approach to prepare you for whatever your travels may bring. Here's to embracing the world with the confidence, fitness, and awareness that Arakan Martial Art brings!

I was at the bus stop down from my house waiting to go to the gym, when a car pulled up. A guy jumped out of the car and told me to leave my ex girlfriend alone (I had been asking her to see my son). I told him to go away and stop bothering me but I knew that when he mentioned my ex there was going to be trouble so at that stage I got myself ready for anything. He then threw a right hook punch which I saw coming so I bridged it, stepping in at the same time with the right elbow then stepping back with the hammer. I tried to link it with a palm strike but I missed because I had already knocked him out with the hammer. I then got ready because there were more people in the car. They jumped out and began apologising to me saying not to hit them, and that they just wanted to get their friend so they grabbed him and drove off. After that I was excited about what I had done and how easy it was considering he was much bigger than me.

Paul Mills


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In the modern quest for self-improvement, biohacking, and personal development, Arakan Martial Art emerges as a multifaceted tool that transcends the conventional boundaries of physical training. This unique martial art offers more than just self-defence skills; it's a holistic approach to upgrading your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.



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Arakan Martial Art is not just a practice for the young or physically fit; it's a holistic discipline that offers immense benefits for individuals in their 30s, 40s, and beyond. This unique martial art goes beyond physical training; it's a tool for maintaining and enhancing mental acuity and overall well-being.