Story from Tracey McMahon

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Story from Tracey McMahon

By Tracey McMahon on June 2, 2018 in Member Stories | comments

All experiences in life whether good or bad, shape who we are and it is up to us to use them to create the best version of ourselves.

From the minute I hit the first pad I felt my Light turn on. At the time I had no idea what it was but I felt something happen that I liked and I wanted more.
Over the years I have discovered that 'Light' and have learnt to use it to heal my darkness. And discovered a passion to guide others to discover their Light, regardless of what has happened to them.

I now see my darkness and the events that caused it as a gift, because of it I have the experience to draw from and this ignited a passionate fire in me to show others how to Light their own darkness, especially women.

My awareness of self is a great strength and I now see that all 'this' is bigger than me. I now see the world beyond the small space in the Universe that my body inhabits. Everything and everyone is connected, we all have a purpose and it’s up to us to find that purpose and live it.

From the day my Light turned on I have attracted incredible people into my life and have the strength and knowing of whom to let go.
I am constantly inspired by other people and am so grateful for the relationships I now have in my life. For the first time I am surrounded by real people on their own path making themselves the best version they can.

We stand beside each other, we stand for each other and if needed, we raise each other up. This makes me feel rich every single day and I never feel alone. I feel loved, I feel respected, I feel humbled, I feel happy and when I don't feel all those things, which sometimes life does to us, tomorrow is another day and I will feel them all again because of the people in my world.
Thank you Chief Instructor Robert Kyaw and my endlessly patient Instructor Scott Morisset for teaching me this beautiful Art we call Arakan, you have opened all this up in me.

You have not only taught me to defend myself, you have shown me who I am.
You have opened my heart and mind.
You turned on my Light.
I love you and every person, Instructor and Student, who has shared my journey.
Thank you with every part of me, you will forever remain with me Lighting my Path.

Tracey McMahon, Student 10 years

My primary reason for learning self defence was of course to learn how to protect myself. However, once I started I realised it was about so much more than that. Not only do I have the skills to protect myself physically, it has also changed my mindset helping me to become more confident, aware and alert which has enabled me to grow as a person.

Ally Serediuk

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