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Just on 5 years ago, my son Sam, at 11yo, started his Arakan Martial Art® training. Like anything new, learning takes time and application. He made progress quickly and this was aided very much by his initial instructor Ryan Robbie. Ryan’s patient, supportive instruction helped guide Sam through these early years working closely on developing his technique and timing.

In the following years Sam also trained with Nathan Hinga in his Level 1 class. The improvement he achieved in his technique, conditioning and feeding skills was easy to see. He was always pumped to attend his lessons and we noticed a maturity developing in him which we attributed to what he was learning and the time spent with his instructors and fellows students.

Earlier in 2016 Sam began training with Xavier (X) Corless. To see your child grow from young kid to adolescent is incredible for any parent. The conditioning and skill development X achieved during this period was quite amazing. It is also quite confronting, yet comforting to see the power your own child as a junior, can deliver, with accuracy and focus if ever required.
In 2017 Sam was advised that he eligible for grading and began his yellow belt journey. As a 15yo he saw it as a great compliment but also knew that he had plenty of work to do to achieve this goal. In addition to his lessons with X, Sam began training with Andrew Serpell.

At a time when many teenagers are opting to ditch organised sport for other pursuits be it social, part-time work, gaming etc, Sam maintained his commitment to achieve his goals. A big part of this commitment was the ongoing support he received from his instructors but also the Arakan community. We always made sure he could attend as many seminars that we could, and the encouragement Sam received when talking to those who were on or had completed the same journey was a real motivating factor for him.

In March 2018, 16yo Sam successfully completed his yellow belt grading. The look of elation, exhaustion and pure satisfaction on his face after a gruelling grading with Master Rob was priceless. He is now pumped to begin his Orange belt training and beyond!!

A big thank you to X & Serps! Without your guidance, support and instruction I don’t think Sam would be where he is today. He looks up to and respects you both very much.
And finally, thank you to Master Rob. Sam looks forward to every opportunity he has to train with you. The support, instruction and encouraging words you have provided Sam over the years, especially in the past 12 months has been fantastic. As his Dad, I can’t thank you enough.

Andrew Becker, Father to Sam Becker


My fiancée and I were in Brisbane on a Saturday night to celebrate her 30th birthday. After a great night of drinking and frivolity we went to get a taxi back to a friend’s place, with whom we were staying. As with the Gold Coast the taxi queue it was lengthy but eventually our turn came. I let the girls go first as our friend was getting in the front to direct the driver. My fiancée got in the back behind the driver and as I opened my door a guy game from nowhere and shoved me to the ground. He then tried to get into the cab with the 2 girls pushing my fiancée across as she tried to stop him. I jumped to my feet, ran over, grounded myself and hit him with a straight palm and an elbow combination. He fell to the ground and I jumped in the taxi. I have only had approximately 2 months of Arakan teaching but I instinctively knew what to do following my Instructor’s advice. Arakan gave me the confidence, technique and power to protect both my fiancée and our friend.    

Paul Duffy

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