Chris Kangalis - Arakan Martial Art Instructor

Chris Kangalis


Chris began training in 2015 when his friend convinced him to attend a group class. Immediately, he fell in love with Arakan and continued to training private lessons and group classes consistently and regularly. Chris valued the journey of training Arakan above all, the discipline of turning up each and every week, regardless of how he was feeling or what was going on in his life. He also thoroughly enjoys the martial art aspect to Arakan as well as the street adaptive style.

Four years into his journey, due to his consistency, hard training ethic, pride in his training and going through the Instructor Development program, Chris received the honour of being able to teach Arakan to others in 2019.

Chris believes it is a privilege to teach others and enjoys the many aspects of teaching, primarily that he gets to train amazing students of all ages and experience and watching them grow in their own journey through training and life.

His interests outside of Arakan include going to the gym, exploring new places, watching sport, along with personal development.

Student Testimonials

Arakan martial arts has had a big impact on my life. Since I started in November to now Arakan has boosted my self confidence, taught me perceptible awareness and to be respectful of others. My instructor Chris is a fantastic mentor. He is easy to understand, very friendly and he has taught me so much in the arts. I couldn't ask for a better instructor

Matt Steel


Absolutely love going to my sessions with Chris his so nice and easy going and caring and is teaching me so much already only after 5 sessions and I’m glad I chose these guys cos I’m feeling so much better within myself and more stronger in protecting myself! Thanks so much guys.



l am an Arakan student of Chris Kangalis. I find him to be a very mature and capable young man and I'm very happy with my training. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn the art of Arakan.

Santo Condello


Arakan Martial Art is highly recommended to all ages. I have been training with Chris from Arakan for almost 2 years now and i have learnt soo much during our training and group lessons. Chris is a very cunning trainer towards his students and always there to help them out with any questions they have with such enthusiasm which is a great feeling.

Shubh Gill


Hi my name is Jared. I have been practising Arakan martial arts for just over a year now.
I initially found Arakan for my son. I was really looking for something practical that didn't handout participation awards. I came along to watch, and thought to myself maybe I should have a go. I've since then refound my love for martial arts, not only has it become a bonding experience for my son and I, now my daughter has also joined in on the journey. Arakan, my very dedicated coaches and the culture that they have built, is giving us all greater focus, discipline, confidence and all while learning a very street effective martial art. It's all win win.

Jared Stone


I joined Arakan to try and regain a former part of who I once was. Even during lockdown, passing of a parent, and health issues of my own Chris has found an ingenuity that is rare in other trainers. He is patient, persistent, and most of all has a mind for all things he sets in motion. It has lifted me up, in what for many is a journey in a contemporary wilderness. Particularly in the last 2 years.



I have known Chris from Arakan for four years. In that time I went from being insecure about travelling 500 m from my house to going interstate by coach and living life the way I want to. Being creative about my pursuits and independent in my living situation and outlook. PTSD can be life changing but martial arts teaches you to defend yourself and your way of life as well. Keep up the work and you live on to receive its benefit.


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Master Rob
This is a short note to let you know that over the last 14 to 15 years that I have trained with Arakan I have never for one moment doubted that it is the right martial art for me. Your leadership within Arakan is truly inspirational and humbling. Your skill and confidence in your art can clearly be seen in your instructors, and importantly your calmness and empathy also shines through both your instructors and students.
As a law enforcement professional I am proud to be part of the Arakan family and I believe the skills I have learned over the years have enabled me to tackle every situation with a calm and confident attitude.

Alper - Law Enforcement Officer


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