Arakan Martial Art

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Chris Kangalis


Born: 1999
Student Since: July 2015
Instructor Since: 2019
Biggest Arakan Achievement: Achieving my Yellow Belt.
Interests outside of Arakan: All sports, Basketball and movies.
Comments from Instructor: How does it get any better than this?

Student Testimonials

Arakan martial arts has had a big impact on my life. Since I started in November to now Arakan has boosted my self confidence, taught me perceptible awareness and to be respectful of others. My instructor Chris is a fantastic mentor. He is easy to understand, very friendly and he has taught me so much in the arts. I couldn't ask for a better instructor

Matt Steel

Absolutely love going to my sessions with Chris his so nice and easy going and caring and is teaching me so much already only after 5 sessions and I’m glad I chose these guys cos I’m feeling so much better within myself and more stronger in protecting myself! Thanks so much guys.


l am an Arakan student of Chris Kangalis. I find him to be a very mature and capable young man and I'm very happy with my training. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn the art of Arakan.

Santo Condello


Arakan Truly has given me a sense of purpose and meaning. Not only does it keeps fit, healthy, confident and safe, Arakan also gives me a huge amount of happiness. I laugh so much with my instructors and students and have some of the best relationships within the club, it takes alot of trust to allow someone to throw deadly strikes to the mark and know they will pull them up at last minute!  I see the other instructors who have wives or girlfriends train and their kids train and it's just their life, and it's keeps them happy and healthy.  This art is way more than a martial art. It can become a home if you are open to it and you can do this until you’re old and always learn something new!  Sometimes I get home at 12 at night and get up at 5am to teach or I drive down the coast 4 times a week but it's all worth it for what Arakan gives me, I'm so proud and honoured to be a part of the club and get to do this.

Tom Wilson

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When ‘life happens’, it is an opportunity to rise up and show our strength and courage. With the recent pandemic hitting our shores, it meant some changes needed to happen with training, whilst conforming with the strict government regulations and hygiene protocols.

With our wellbeing and health being highlighted and taking precedence in most people’s lives, we felt it more important than ever before to help keep our members training. Numerous studies have shown that physical activity is linked to boosting our immune system as well as maintain physical and mental wellbeing.



Mental Wellbeing and Support During the Global Pandemic

As global citizens, we have all been adversely affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic. This might just be to our day-to-day socio-occupational routines and training regimes but most likely than not, it has affected our sense of security and certainty about the future to some extent. For some, it can be hard not to worry what the Pandemic and its socio-economic impacts can mean for ourselves, our families, friends and communities.