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Melissa Vay


Born: 1997
Student since: December 2015
Biggest Achievement in Arakan: Training for my grading, attaining my Yellow Belt and becoming a fully qualified female instructor in Melbourne!
Interest outside of Arakan: I like painting, taking photogenic photographs of nature, drinking chai latte, spending quality time with friends and family and also going for long hikes out in the mountains.
Comments from Instructor: One of the many things training Arakan has taught me is to hold myself confidently in life...

Arakan testimonial - Kristine
When did you start training Arakan?
In late January 2020 I had my first lesson one on one under a big tree in the gardens with trainer Melissa Vay.
Melissa is fearless, supportive and strong. She taught me how to tap into my internal focus and external strength Arakan way. I felt empowered!

What motivated you to get started?
I was about to turn 60 and I started to feel slower, weaker and more vulnerable. I wanted to strengthen myself and focus on the future.
I had always wanted to train in martial arts. I searched and found Arakan had body and mind techniques that I could learn and practice.

What are your goals?
To maintain my fitness, to walk in the world with confidence and to know how to defend myself.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?
Strength and focus restored, I know some ripper defensive moves and strikes, so look out!

What advice would you give new students
Arakan is an amazing journey, you don't know what you will discover about yourself until you are put to the test.
I have learned that it is better to be ready than to hide away from danger.


Arakan testimonial -Ashleigh Fisher

I started Arakan officially in January this year after being invited to bring a friend in November last year. Although I had started my fitness journey doing pilates and barre, I wanted to find something that pushed me further and took me out of my comfort zone. Something that would help me toughen up mentally and physically. My goals are to stop overthinking and to switch into beast mode as quickly as possible and also to be able to do pushups properly! My greatest achievement so far is that I see changes, although I am not the strongest or the fastest, I am still improving myself. My advice to new students is to keep showing up, don't overthink and just enjoy it because you'll meet a nicer, more dedicated group of instructors.

I cannot recommend Melissa enough, she always encourages me and pushes me to my limit. Being of a similar size and to see what she can achieve shows me it's possible with enough dedication and time. I look forward to each lesson and always come away with a smile on my face.

I originally started training Arakan Martial Art out of curiosity back in June 2010. I was new to the Gold Coast, had always wanted to try a martial art and saw the sign for the office just around the corner from where I was living. 
Previously I had spent years at various gyms and had sought costly personal trainers which kept me reasonably fit but i decided I may be better spending the money to learn how to defend myself should the situation ever arise.
What I discovered from Arakan Martial Art was so much more. Of course it provides all the fitness and conditioning one would expect from a martial art however it is the "fight logic" that really differentiates the art. You are taught to assess your environment and use it to your advantage. This includes not only aspects such as where to position yourself in a certain situation but also how to deal with obstacles a situation may possess. There are a multitude of different locations where the art is trained that cater for everybody e.g.. nightclubs, home invasion, In your car, dark alleys, wide open areas, parks, beach etc.
Another important aspect to the art is the culture within the club. Ego is left at the gate. All of the instructors are very humble which stems from the top and is evident throughout the club. As everyone's journey is their own, you are only asked to do what you are capable of and you are only challenging yourself.
On a personal note I have found Arakan Martial Art gives me a release from the day to day pressures of work, which in turn has allowed me to become a calmer person and think more rationally. 
It never matters how bad my day has been walking into a lesson, I always walk out exhausted, full of knowledge, relaxed and with a smile on my face. 

Robert Mackay

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When ‘life happens’, it is an opportunity to rise up and show our strength and courage. With the recent pandemic hitting our shores, it meant some changes needed to happen with training, whilst conforming with the strict government regulations and hygiene protocols.

With our wellbeing and health being highlighted and taking precedence in most people’s lives, we felt it more important than ever before to help keep our members training. Numerous studies have shown that physical activity is linked to boosting our immune system as well as maintain physical and mental wellbeing.



Mental Wellbeing and Support During the Global Pandemic

As global citizens, we have all been adversely affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic. This might just be to our day-to-day socio-occupational routines and training regimes but most likely than not, it has affected our sense of security and certainty about the future to some extent. For some, it can be hard not to worry what the Pandemic and its socio-economic impacts can mean for ourselves, our families, friends and communities.