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Robert Kyaw
Chief Instructor

Chief Instructor Robert Kyaw considers teaching a true privilege, he believes that his calling in life is to be of service to people through Arakan Martial Art.

Robert lives and breathes what we teach; you will find him training hard every day of the week, he is always learning and growing as person.

Robert believes that Arakan is an amazing vehicle to learn about one self and become more aware on many levels.

Robert has been training Arakan for most of his life and has been teaching since 1993, he is the first person to introduce Arakan to the western world from Myanmar, his passion for Arakan and teaching grows stronger every year.

Robert is excited and inspired to be a part of a student’s journey and growth, he is always accessible and available for his students, you will find him wearing a big smile, open heartedly training and sharing Arakan with students of any age or skill level.

Robert is a dedicated husband to Christina and father to his two sons; Phoenix and Raiden. When Robert is not training Arakan, you will find him mountain biking, snowboarding, at the beach, training at the gym, at the running track with his kids, reading, playing guitar or meditating.

Robert has been with his wife Christina since they were both in their early twenties, he attributes much of the growth and the stability of the Arakan club to Christina, who manages the administration team.

Robert is a firm supporter of charities, the Arakan team sponsors 30 World Vision children, they support an orphanage Myanmar and have supported numerous charities each year.

“I am forever grateful for having the opportunities to teach our students, thanks for your love, support, commitment and inspiration.”


Robert Kyaw
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I have long desired martial arts training, however as a 42-year-old female with multiple chronic health conditions, I am unfit for competition style arts and cannot sustain a direct blow to the head without the risk of serious complications.
I have been training weekly, one-on-one with Kyla for 10 weeks now and already I have noticed a massive change in my life. The first thing Kyla taught me was how to protect my head – which in my case is literally life changing. Kyla’s enthusiastic nature and supportive personality instantly relaxed me, while her encouragement and, when needed, firm hand has inspired me for the first time in many years, to feel motivated. I look forward to seeing Kyla’s smiling face every week and find myself excited to move again. My coordination and left-right responses are improving already, and I am finding my pain levels are decreasing week by week.
In just 10 weeks, the training Kyla has provided to suit my specific physical limitations and health difficulties, has helped my go from not being able to move for more than 20 minutes without extreme pain and exhaustion, to completing the hour training and still feeling motivated to participate in physical and even social activities. There are still days when I struggle to follow even simple instructions or have limited control over one side of my body, but Kyla somehow manages to adapt the training so I can still learn and enjoy our practice.
My goal has moved from simply seeking movement each week, to a deep desire to explore every opportunity this exciting art has to offer.
Arakan Martial Art suits me perfectly. If I can learn and grown within this art, everyone can.
Thank you, Kyla, you are inspirational. I look forward to continuing this journey with you and growing and learning with you. Thank you for honouring me with your time, patience, focus and skilled teachings. You are a genuine credit to yourself, Arakan and women.
Thank you for all you are.
With deepest respect

Kristen Morrison


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