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Martial Arts Seminars

Our seminars and workshops are power packed events that will allow you to dramatically increase your knowledge and practical skills.

Many of our seminars and workshops are themed to suit the varying needs of our members, who come from many walks of life.

Some of these seminars and workshops have taken place in a basement of a building, in a real night club, in the bush, in a real house, inside a car and many more…

We can also teach you to defend yourself against knives, baseball bats and other dangerous weapons.

We can teach you how to utilise many exotic weapons such as daggers, knives and sticks.

We also hold ladies only seminars, dedicated to the needs of our female members.

We also hold seminars on how to handle stress in daily life and how to function at your peak in your daily life.

We are also passionate about special seminars for our junior members on topics such as stranger danger and how to become more empowered (anti-bullying).




Arakan Martial Art self defence classes and private lessons are available in a large number of areas around Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Perth.



his is my second year attending the ladies seminar. In the 10 weeks, Rob teaches us techniques and about body mechanics to help us push through the initial reaction of panic and fight through the exhaustion and discomfort so you can find a way to get home safely. When I started two years ago, I wouldn't have guessed that I would be most grateful for the exposure to stimulus like grabs, hair pulling or being pinned to the ground so that if it ever were to happen outside of training, it is not the first time I've felt it.... READ MORE


Cities are becoming more densely populated, traffic is forever increasing, and drivers are becoming more and more frustrated. Out of all seminars I've attended through Arakan Martial Art, I've so far found road rage to be the most practical of all... READ MORE