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Skype® or ‘Video’ Personal Training Lessons

At Arakan Martial Art® our mission is ‘to empower our members and to add value to their lives…’ we believe there is no greater way to achieve this than by learning to protect yourself and loved ones.
Arakan Martial Art® is a powerful and effective ‘street’ self-defence art that teaches efficient, practical and easily adaptable techniques for today’s modern world.

Our focus is on fast and effective self-defence techniques to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.
We consider it our pleasure and privilege to be given this opportunity to guide you towards greater levels of empowerment, self-confidence, emotional, mental and physical strength.

Our goal is to equip you with the techniques, discipline and skills to remain calm in heightened situations and even diffuse many situations where possible. Should a potential situation escalate, you will learn techniques that are highly effective in protecting yourself and loved ones.


You now have the unique opportunity to train Arakan Martial Art® from anywhere in the world!

Nothing beats training one on one with an Instructor and can you attend a Arakan Martial Art® personal training private lesson via Skype® or other ‘video’ streaming platforms.

‘Video’ gives you the opportunity to train directly with a qualified Arakan Martial Art® Instructor from anywhere in the world!

You don’t need fancy equipment, special clothing or a gym to get started. All you need is access to a device to watch your lesson, an internet connection and a quiet space to train.

By participating in a ‘Skype®’ lesson, you will develop an understanding of self-defence techniques and skill sets and ways in which to apply Arakan in your everyday life. You will learn practical, fast and effective self-defence skills and techniques, whilst gaining self-confidence, empowerment, awareness and increasing overall health and well-being.

We are grateful to be given the opportunity to reach so many wonderful people and share our awesome and unique martial art with the world.

Start your journey today!

We feel blessed to be able to guide you on your Arakan Martial Art® journey and get you started towards greater empowerment, awareness, self-confidence and learn fast and effective self-defence skills.

Not only will you learn fast and effective self-defence skills, this is a journey of self-discovery.

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Not long before I started training in Arakan Martial Art I was held up in a pharmacy. I realised then that I had absolutely no idea of how to deal with this type of situation. Arakan is helping me to explore and develop another side to myself and I love the fact that if I ever felt threatened I might now have some idea of what to do. Starting Arakan is probably the best decision I have ever made.

Cherie Stace

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Martial Arts for over 40's

Martial arts’ is traditionally seen as something we enrol our children into whilst at school or we participated when we were younger. We all see the benefits of learning a martial art; improved fitness and health, balance, coordination, focus, discipline and agility, as well as learning self defence skills. However, more adults are beginning to see the benefits of training a martial art and beginning their journey as a mature aged student. 

There is no age barrier to training Arakan Martial Art®. We have students as young as 3 years of age and as old as 83 learning Arakan Martial Art®.  READ MORE

Turning your health around with Arakan Martial Art

My journey started when I shared some medical results with my son. I had been diagnosed with cirrhosis of the Liver, ultimately if untreated it would lead to further health complications and diminished quality of life. I asked my doctor what was the cause, I was told it was related to me being over weight (Girth Size). I asked what treatment I needed. I was told "Just lose weight".
I spoke to my family about my condition and what the doctor said. My eldest son , who also does Arakan, said "I have just the thing for you". READ MORE