Self-Defence Training

Self-Defence Training

Arakan Martial Art® was created for the ‘real world’. Our focus is on fast, powerful, practical and adaptable self-defence techniques that are suited to today’s urban environment. Techniques that are designed to keep you and your loved ones safe - against one or even multiple attackers.


Arakan is a unique, fluid, practical, powerful and highly effective self-protection style with a major emphasis on technique as well as conditioning. You will learn situational awareness - often seeing potential situations before they escalate - as well as the skills to diffuse or divert these situations prior to them becoming an incident.

QLD Law Enforcement officers training Arakan Martial Art

With Arakan Martial Art® you do not need size or strength in order to effectively protect yourself or others. Instead you will learn to use your whole body in super-dynamic ways as your body and mind become more adaptable, flexible and agile. 
The ‘street’ is very unpredictable by nature. There are no set rules or parameters, so you have to learn to deal with the chaotic nature of a confrontation. Arakan Martial Art® is very rich in terms of how one may respond to these situations. It is our belief that there are no barriers to effectively protecting yourself and your loved ones.

Arakan Martial Art® holds seminars in different environments so you are prepared for any situation, and can effectively protect yourself in a nightclub, on a train, in a jail, your own home, or even in your car! These seminars will teach you efficient self-protection techniques for close quarters, against weapons and even against multiple attackers. For more information on our Seminars, please visit the seminar section of the website


Our goal is for you to achieve the following through your Arakan Martial Art® training:


  • increase situational and environmental awareness
  • learn practical and effective self-defence skills
  • gain self-confidence, empowerment, focus and awareness
  • learn skills and techniques to ensure the safety and wellbeing of yourself and loved ones
  • learn skills to remain calm in heightened situations
  • learn to diffuse and divert a potential situation
  • learn to effectively and efficiently control any situation should it escalate
  • increase your health and fitness
  • learn to manage stressful situations and levels
  • improve mental focus and concentration
  • gain a greater understanding of body mechanics
  • improve hand eye coordination and speed
  • increase self-motivation and self-discipline


When you are fully immersed in your training you will begin to see amazing results that get carried over into other areas of your life. Not only will you learn practical self-defence skills, but perhaps even more significantly, you will gain self-confidence, empowerment, focus and awareness.

About 10 weeks ago my daugter (23) and I (57) were introduced to Arakan Martial Art. In this short space of time it has had a magical impact on our world. I never thought I’d be a ‘martial art’ person, but so glad that we are now in this powerful positive community.

There has only been a couple of times in my life where I’ve interacted with men and women who are completely focused on honouring and empowering each other. Fitness, empowerment, and self-defence all rolled into one! The benefits roll out into your entire life. I am already using the sense of inner strength and focus in my business. And, I'm sharing with my clients the positive ripples that occur when groups of people come together to bring out the best in each other. This group of people (students and instructors alike) have confirmed to me that leaders come in all shapes and sizes and they aren't born they are made.

I have a diminished lung capacity due to a long-term illiness and am coming off a very low fitness capability, and yet everyone at Arakan - students and instructors alike - make me feel like I’m a superstar.

If you want to step in to your personal power - physically, mentally and emotionally - try one of the complimentary lessons, you'll be glad you did.

My instructor is Aida and she is a great role model for how Arakan can turn your life into something more than you anticipated.

Shelly Holmes


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