Junior Anti Abduction Seminar 2015
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Junior Anti Abduction Seminar 2015

In this seminar, our junior members were armed with real life skills beyond kicking and punching… all of our junior members walked away from this seminar with heightened awareness and skills to recognise and deal with a would be abductor. This seminar is a must do for all kids. 

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Self Defence Vs Martial Arts

Every martial art is a system of movements based on body mechanics to produce a desired effect. Each style will have its unique way of moving. Each style will have its particular rhythms, strikes, kicks, deflections, defences, take-downs etc.

Every style of martial art is capable of delivering massive amounts of damage to an opponent; ranging from strikes, take–downs, joint locks, kicks, and chokes just to name a few moves.
Some martial arts have been developed or has been adapted over time for competition. Audiences are most often treated to a spectacular contest, especially at the highest levels of competition. Competition based styles ,may also be effective for self defence purposes on the street, outside of the ring; as long as the practitioner is competent and experienced enough to be able to adapt the skill sets that they have learnt at the gym, to the street...


Benefits of having a mentor for youth

Mentoring can assist youth with developing coping mechanisms and tools to help deal with life challenges. The benefits are both immediate and long term with both the mentor and mentee greatly benefiting ... READ MORE