Junior Anti Abduction Seminar 2015
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Junior Anti Abduction Seminar 2015

In this seminar, our junior members were armed with real life skills beyond kicking and punching… all of our junior members walked away from this seminar with heightened awareness and skills to recognise and deal with a would be abductor. This seminar is a must do for all kids. 

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Sydney Ambassador of the Year – Nick Jones

Former world champion bodybuilder, Nick Jones recently shared his thoughts on his Arakan Journey so far and his recent successful Yellow Belt Grading. Watch the video here now... READ MORE

Welcome to 2018!

I trust all is great and that you have had a great start to 2018. It’s so amazing to see so many Arakan Warriors training hard, thanks for having such a great attitude towards training.
This year marks 25 years of Arakan Martial Art in Australia, so I would like to extend very special congratulations to members who have been part of our family for ten years or longer. I believe that most of the battle is in just turning up, consistently, every week and just doing the ‘work’. READ MORE