Daniel Cortese - Arakan Martial Art Instructor

Daniel Cortese


Daniel was first introduced to Arakan by a friend in 2014. He feel in love with the art, its depth, the mindfulness and the ability to become a weapon.

Arakan had a positive influence on Dan and help transform many aspects of his lifestyle. He believes it's important for one to pursue what makes them happy and this was Arakan for Dan. He soon decided he wanted to make a career of teaching Arakan Martial Art and believes it's a privilege to teach Arakan and is grateful that he gets to pass on this amazing art to others every day.

Dan is here for the deep journey that Arakan provides, growing from the inside out. He believes that Arakan goes beyond just learning kicking and striking, it transforms you inside and out. He is devoted to the Arakan spirit and culture and instils this into his lifestyle and shares this with his students.
Dan loves sharing his knowledge and helping inspire others to do what makes them happy and live life to the fullest through training. He is grateful that he gets to teach some amazing students and watch their transformation and growth.

Outside of Arakan, Dan enjoys playing basketball, reading, personal development and hiking in nature.

Student Testimonials


I have had the pleasure of Daniel being my instructor for the past 10 months. I really didn't know what to expect when I joined and I certainly didn't expect to last this long. I have learnt so much during this time, and I have Daniel to thank for that. He has had to put up with me, which in itself is an achievement, but he is a very professional, dedicated and understanding instructor. I really look forward to our sessions. Thanks Dan, look forward to the next session

Metin Izci


When I first joined Arakan Martial Arts, my goal was to become stronger and to be able to protect myself and my love ones but I was full of doubt in myself because for a small size Asian girl, I thought there’s no way I could be able to achieve my goal. However, after several lesson with Daniel, he helped me realised that doesn’t matter what size you are, as long as you put your heart into a strike and train hard, you will achieve your goal and I could see that through out our lessons.
Daniel is an amazing person. As an instructor he is skillful and has plenty of knowledge to teach with a passion. As a friend he listens to my problems and encourages me throughout our lessons and never loses patience whenever I’m struggling to learn a new lesson. He pushed me out of my comfort zone and really focus on making me working hard toward my goals while making sure that my technique are correct. All of the lessons I have had with Daniel are always intense and yet very fun. Thanks to Daniel, I feel more confidence in myself even though it’s only been 2 months since we started training together. I really wish Daniel nothing but the best in his journey and for anyone who is looking for someone that can help them becoming a stronger version of themselves then Daniel is the guy for you! :)

Ton Bah


It’s been about nine months since I started learning Arakan. It’s my luck to have found such a gem of a person & instructor in Daniel. He’s definitely the kind of person whose level of energy & love for the art is contagious which motivates me even more to train harder & keep pushing myself. It’s a pleasure to be your student, hoping to be for  a long time, thanks Dan! 

Sutantu Kandadai


I have been training with Dan for over 4 years. Dan has amazing patience’s, large amounts of examples and explanations for different struck and techniques. Dan is amazing with everyone , children to older students, females and males. He is always positive, happy and determined to share that with his students. Dan has been tough on me but I have gained so much from his knowledge and patience.
I feel that Dan is a asset to any individual as a example of working hard and having passion for what you do.  Dan has taught me it’s not the size/ gender/ built/ religion/ culture that makes you tough. It’s how hard you try, how determined you are , but mostly how much you value your self. Dan has taught me to believe in myself, that my past and upbringing doesn’t determine how people can treat me. 
Dan has played a large , important part of my life and his enthusiasm, happiness and genuine desire to equip everyone he can with tools to grow / protect there selves with Arakan but also with life situations in general.

Gulsen Mehmet


 My partner Tina and I have been doing Arakan for almost 2 years now. Our instructor is Daniel and we really enjoy our lessons every Saturday. Daniel is a great instructor and he doesn't push us too hard if we are in pain. We are getting a lot out of our lessons. We feel great after our lessons..

Tina Kellett, Monica Biasio


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Great martial art to train for self defense and overall fitness. The culture in the club is great. The instructors are really friendly and just love what they do.

Samantha Wilson


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