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Warrior Day 2014

This was a very special day when Arakan members of all levels converged and trained at Metricon Stadium on the Gold Coast. 300 members trained super hard, this was an event that all who attended will always remember. 

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Green Belt Grading

I think events and pressure situations, such as an Arakan Martial Art grading are good for us, as they give us an understanding of what we are capable of when we put our entire energy into something. For me this opportunity came with the series of Green belt gradings I did through-out 2017 and the final one this year... READ MORE

Orange Belt Grading

he Orange Belt journey for me was an amazing process, that only after grading am I truly appreciating. Arakan has positively influenced my life in many ways and i have felt through the grading process those life changes accelerate as I was pushed through my comfort zone again and again forming new and more powerful habits... READ MORE